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Group Dental Insurance plans are available for a small business with as few as three employees or a dental insurance group of thousands.

We offer a wide selection of group dental insurance plans.


Just fill out the quote form and a representative will get back to you with the best dental plan available for your company.

We offer a full line of traditional fee-for-service, PPO and prepaid dental programs. Here are some of the diffrent plans we offer.

Traditional Fee-For-Service: The Premier Group Dental Plan

The largest plan with fee-for-service benefits based on participating dentists' fees or on a fee schedule, if applicable. This is our national, fee-for-service based dental benefits program. It provides a comprehensive package of benefits, coupled with cost management programs.

Premier Group Dental Plan advantages include:

A provider network that encompasses more than 118,000 providers and over 163,000 office locations -- the largest network in the country.

Freedom to choose any dentist you wish.

A variety of incentives and lower out-of-pocket cost options when Participating dentists are selected.

No balance billing. Dentists accept an agreed-upon fee schedule.

No paperwork for patients to file.

The Premier USA Group Dental Plan

National fee-for-service or schedule plans for multi-state accounts. The AdapTable Group Dental program. Fee-for-service dental plans based on customized fee schedules defining the plan's payment.

The AdapTable program includes these highly-desired features:

Freedom of Choice. 37 member companies cover more than 30 million enrollees nationwide. Three-fourths of all licensed dentists in the U.S. participate in this network. However, enrollees are free to select any dentist at any time.

Special advantages from affiliate dentists.

When you visit an affiliate dentist, there are no claim forms to fill out.

Predictable coverage. Employees know their exact coverage in advance. They receive a complete table of allowances, listing what their program pays.

Table allowances are pre-established by the provider.

Employees are responsible only for the difference between their table allowance and the dentist's approved fee, plus the deductible and any amount exceeding the annual dollar maximum.

(The Provider pays these dentists directly, so there's no waiting for reimbursement.)

PPO The Preferred Group Dental Plan

A preferred provider organization (PPO) plan that offers patients advantages when visiting a 'PP' office. The best solution for groups seeking lower cost advantages with the freedom to choose their dental care provider.

Preferred Group Dental Plan advantages include:

Considerable cost savings when using a dentist who is a Preferred Provider in the Provider Dental network due to pre-negotiated lower fees.

The freedom to choose either a participating dentist or, for a nominal fee, any non-network dental care provider.

No paperwork for patients to file.

A national network of more than 57,000 dentists practicing in over 88,000 locations.

More than 62,000 general practitioner locations and over 26,000 specialist locations to choose from.

The Preferred USA Group Dental Plan:
A national PPO plan for multi-state clients
Prepaid Dental Plans and the Care USA Plan

The prepaid dental plan allows patients to select from a statewide network. Subscribers select a dentist from a panel of participating providers. Dentists are paid a set monthly fee that covers most of the services subscribers need.

This is the choice for groups seeking lower costs, have an emphasis on prevention and want access to a pre-selected network of providers.

Care Group Dental Plan advantages include:
  • Minimal and/or no patient co-payments for preventive care.
  • Multi-year contracts with an annual rate ceiling guarantees.
  • Detailed program management reports.
  • A network of pre-approved oral care providers that are evaluated based on experience, range of services, location, accessibility and their ability to accommodate new patients.
  • A network of over 9,000 contracted dentists practicing in 18,000 office locations.
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