Affordable Dental Care & Insurance SituationsDental Insurance in Florida is Not Holy or UnAffordable

Summarized View:

“My Dental Master I feel a pain growing in the 32 mountains located in my mouth. Cure me of my pain, O Dental Master!

“Today, I, Richard Gear, the armor bearer of the Great Guru am about to use my Florida Dental Insurance policy to save me some worldly currency.” Richard Gear informed the first person he saw on entering the dentist's offfice.


“I’m just the receptionist here, Sir. The doctor’s inside! Let me have your Florida Dental Insurance card before you go in.” The girl said to Richard Gear.

Richard had forgotten what dentists looked like after living so long in Tibet, Georgia.

“As I ascend on the Throne of Impartation, my dental master, I feel a strange force pushing against my mandala. Is it my Florida Dental Insurance Policy that is causing all my problems Dental Master?”

“Richard, first of that is a dental chair. Not a throne of impartation. Second, there are no strange forces out here; you are sitting on a piece of chewing gum that my last patient stuck on the chair. Third, a Florida Dental Insurance does not create any holy forces!”

“My Dental Master, you are all-knowing. Why does pain manifest itself in my mouth? What is the prophetic interpretation of this pain? What's my Dental Insurance Policy telling me? Tell me, O' Dental Master. Please reveal all to me”

“Richard, your mouth looks as if you haven't flossed in years. Or even brushed! And your teeth are covered with scale. No Dental Insurance in Florida policy is going to cover the ulcers you have in your mouth, Richard.”

“Then I shalt accept the decree of my Florida Dental Insurance Policy, O Master. I don't understand. I had lunch with the Great Guru today and we feasted on raw suger cane and ten-year eggs that really are ten years old! This is my revelation to you, my Dental Master.”

The dentist couldn’t hold back his nausea. Richard’s mouth smells coupled with the graphic description of the food he ate really turned his stomach. Now he needed a Dental Insurance Policy.

The moral of this story is that both doctors, patients are all human beings. And everyone who lives in Florida and eats food needs a Florida Dental Insurance policy.

So, if you want to lay your hands on a policy, what are you waiting for? You are at the right site,, and we are networked with the best Florida Dental Insurance Companies and when you deal with us you are assured of a great Florida Dental Insurance Policy. Go ahead! Try us out, we’ll transcend your dental expenses!

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