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“You legally can't give me a divorce, Britney. Remember we have taken out a Florida group health policy on you me and the babies!” K-Fedex appealed to Britney Sword, his wife who wanted to divorce him right away."

I remember you took a group policy from naaip.org that day, but that's not enough reason for me not to divorce you!” Britney screamed at him.


“Britney, I admit I lied and cheated on you, but you gotta admit you don't have evidence, so you can't nail me there.

“I don't have a mental illness, I haven't been imprisoned, I haven't deserted you in any way, but even if I do or did, you don't have evidence!

“Plus, I've got the whole family covered by group health insurance , whose premiums I am paying. I can show to the courts I care!”

“But you've been refusing me a lot of things lately: You refuse to clean the house, you refuse to play nanny to the kids, you refuse to cook for me, you refuse to brush my teeth or comb my hair and all you do is accuse me of nagging!

“Think about me too, K-Fedex! All you think about is the goddarn affordable group health insurance you have taken out on the family!

“You're also refusing to have children with me! You don't want to pay higher premiums on our affordable health plan, huh?”

“Damn it, Britney, how many children do you want! You're just 22 yourself and I'm father to 2 kids already! I'm not worried about the premium on our policy, trust me!”

“Sorry, K-Fedex! I can't allow you to scourge on the policy premiums. I'm filing for divorce!”

That was the tragic story of how a small misunderstanding about a policy led to K-Fedex and Britney's divorce. Hey, you don't let that bother you! But are you looking for a policy?

Listen, our website is networked with top companies and when you deal with us, you're assured of an affordable yet qualitative group policy quote.

Go ahead and apply for one, it's no grounds for divorce!

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