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Searching for an affordable group health insurance plan in Florida gets harder every year? Major health insurance companies like Blue Cross & Cigna just got hit for a big rate increase and now you want to simply save money.

The big group health insurers are having very big increases in claims; therefore the State of Florida Department of Insurance is approving big rate increases.


There are ways to actually lower the Florida insurance rates. But that involves filling out applications to a health insurance company and simply praying that the rate stays low. If the rates don't stay low, we simply shop the market the following year.

My agents know the market because I tell them what is in the market.

Here are some rules for group insurance.

Independent contractors, 1099 employees, are eligible if the group has 4 employees total and at least two of the employees are regular W-2 employees.

  • PPO major medical plans are available just like any big or small insurance group.
  • Foreign companies are eligible as long as at least 4 employees are in the USA.
  • South Florida counties Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties have special small group health insurance plans for groups of 5 or more employees.

The Chamber of Commerce health insurance small group plans make these affordable rates available. You simply join the Chamber of Commerce and save thousands of dollars on affordable group health insurance.

If your insurance agent "forgot" to tell you about the Chamber of Commerce special low rates for group health insurance, then get rid of your present Florida group health insurance agent.

Just email me and you will have a charming Florida agent on the phone with you within 60 minutes.

Florida Group Indemnity Plans (Groups of 51+ only in Florida)

  • Group health insurance premiums in Florida for years to come with an indemnity plan for businesses.
  • A professionally managed indemnity group health insurance that pays specific amounts per incident based on a set schedule. $125 a month per employee is the cost for this non-voluntary group. Each and every employee must be part of this group.

You can imagine that this plan does have limitations, exclusion and is not suitable for everyone.

Low wage employees are the niche segment for this quasi ida group health insurance. However, an Excess Loss plan can make this group plan suitable for different levels of employees while still saving a lot of money.

Partially Self Funded Group Health Insurance (Groups of 21+)

A group health insurance plan in Florida with an optional PPO - A health insurance group that is partially self funded should have relatively healthy employees.

As my English teacher said "Reading comprehension is fundamental."

You are actually partially assuming the risk of employees having medical claims. If your over 21 person group is just average health wise it is well worth your while to get an insurance quote from this "A" rated company.

Employees in various states can be covered with this group health insurance plan. Twenty, thirty percent savings on premiums is not uncommon for a partially self funded group health insurance.

Florida Small Group Health Insurance for of 4 or more employees

Within sixty minutes you will have a living, breathing insurance agent who really knows his stuff giving you a quote. Group health insurance in Florida may be expensive but a knowledgeable agent will ensure that you get the best value in a very expensive industry

Here are some tricks of the trade..

  • PPO plan with a higher deductible. Yet, Low copays for doctor visits and prescriptions medications.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) plan for businesses. This small group plan is medically underwritten (they will ask medical questions) and will not cover pre existing conditions. This makes the small group plan similar to an individual plan. Subsequently premiums are lower.
  • Individual health insurance plans in Florida are substantially more affordable (that is more cheap) than group health insurance. Simply have your employees apply for health insurance individually.

The drawback is that the employee has to qualify medically for the insurance policy. Pre-existing conditions are not covered by the individual health insurance plan as well.

Since the applicant has to qualify medically for the policy, there is a decent chance that in a company of five employees, one will not be accepted by the individual health insurance policy. This is a moral decision and that is why you are the boss.

This is how the HRA works.

  • Money is set aside into a spending account for each employee. Medical expenses, voluntary health insurance and other stuff is funded. This fund is completely funded by the employer and the unspent money is carried over to the next year.
  • The IRS (the US government tax collector) allows the employer to reimburse employees for medical expenses on a tax deductible basis. The HRA was expanded in July of 2002 to allow the option of rolling over unused reimbursements for future use, by the employees. The HRA plan will reimburse for medical expenses such as doctors visits, prescriptions, vision tests, dental, orthodontics, and much more. These plans are self designed.
  • You, the boss, set up and control the HRA. A friendly, charming and intelligent group health insurance agent can help you take advantage of the self funding aspect of the HSA.

Here is an example.

  • he employer will raise the deductible of the group health insurance plan and set up a HRA.
  • When a big medical expense occurs then the employer will pay $1,000 of an out of pocket expense for from the HRA to the employee.
  • The next $1,500 might be the responsibility of the employee.
  • Afterwards, this Florida health insurance group plan pays for all remaining expenses.

Please contact me via email and we can get the ball rolling within 60 minutes.

Searching for an affordable family health insurance plan gets harder every year. This has been going on for years already. We will canvas the Florida group health insurance market for and your company will end up the winner.

Although group insurance is usually given to groups of employees; Florida group insurance can be issued to any kind of group, even social groups.

We provide group insurance for a specified term of years for a specified premium.

As we all know, a group will be made up of many different individuals. Buying individual insurance for all these persons can be expensive and might not be practical. In addition, the paperwork can be enormous.

The advantage of a Florida group insurance is simply cost. The price is less as opposed to if you had applied for individual policies. This is because there is less administrative work associated with group insurance.

Also, you will get the policy without any needless delay. It is simply a good value.

We can provide your group with the lowest premiums available in the market of. We provide a group quote that is comprehensive, yet affordable. All that is required of you is to fill up a simple online application form on our website. It will take just a few minutes of your time. We can also assure you that this process is secure.

We will help you choose the best plan suited for the requirements of your group. You will also be pleased to know that we also have an efficient after sales customer support to take care of your needs in the years to come.

We strongly believe that our Florida group insurance expertise will be ideally suited for your group. So, make that wise choice and contact us now!

Make your group stronger and more secure with Florida group insurance. Your group would be eternally thankful to you. Please browse through the entire website to learn more about the health insurance industry in the State of Florida.

Florida Group Dental Insurance

Florida Group Dental Insurance plans are available for a small business with as few as three employees or a dental insurance group of thousands. We will help you find the plan that is the most suitable for your company.

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