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“Daddy, I heard you’ve bought a Florida term life insurance plan that’s worth $300,000,000, and you’re thinking about whom to nominate as the beneficiary? Am I right, daddy?” Mick Jaggery asked his dad Joe Jaggery.

“Not exactly. I have nominated you as the beneficiary in my term life insurance plan, son.” Joe answered.


“Oh, I didn’t know! C’mon daddy, let’s go for a round of extreme sports. I’ve heard extreme sports are great for the body! Then we can come back and look at that term life insurance plan.”

“Extreme sports! Son, I’m pushing 95 years! You think I can take it?”

“Sure you can, daddy! You’re so young at heart! And I’ve got insurance for you daddy! Here smoke this A-Bomb cigar and you won’t feel anything, my poppy! And look, we’ll do easy extreme sports:

“First we’ll go base-jumping where both of us will wear parachutes and jump off a tall Florida building. Then we’ll skate board, after which we’ll do mountain biking!

“Then we’ll stop for lunch! And, hey, don’t bother too much about your affordable term life insurance plan.”

“Ok, then can we come back and look at that plan?”

“No, dad, no. After lunch we’ll go heli-diving and horse–back riding! Imagine both of us will ride on crazy, mad horses smoking hookahs on horseback!”

“Son, after that we’ll come home and both of us will read my life insurance policy. OK?”

“Okay, dad, if reading your plan gives you satisfaction, then we’ll come back and do that!” Mick said, an evil glint in his eye and a wicked smile on his face.

Last heard, Mick Jaggery had been admitted to hospital with a punctured lung and two broken ribs, but his father came to visit everyday with flowers or fruit.

Forget about Mick and let’s talk about you.

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