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Summarized View:

Cameron Ortez, a Jacksonville resident, thought her posterior was too thin and not curvy enough.

She wanted a big, curvy posterior like that of Britney Swords, Jennifer Voipez, Beyonce Chick, but not as big as Pincess Laftafa’s or even Oprah Moneygirl’s.


Cameron desired a big posterior, but she had no desire, no love, no feeling for Jacksonville insurance.

That’s why she didn’t buy a Jacksonville insurance policy.

“Cameron, are you covered with a Jacksonville insurance policy?” The surgeon asked Cameron.

“A Jacksonville Insurance policy! That’s for dogs, doc! Now are you going to augment my buttocks or sell me a Jacksonville insurance policy?”

“Look Cameron, you don’t have enough flesh on your body so I can’t harvest your fat.”

“Maybe I should pump your posterior with silicone? Are you okay with that?”

“I really wish you had bought a life insurance policy, Cameron!”

“Look, Doc, don’t talk to me about insurance, okay! Just do all the techniques and get my posterior bigger. Period!”

Well, the doctor didn’t know what would work on Cameron's’ skinny posterior, and he was so sick and tired of Cameron’s big mouth that he wanted to harvest fat from her mouth and plant it in her posterior, but maybe that was against medicare ethics, he thought.

So the doctor injected a whole lot of beef tallow into her butt. Then, he pumped in grease. Then he looked at his result: Nope, Cameron’s butt wasn’t yet looking like a 150 lb-Sloppy Joe yet.

So, the doctor pumped in silicone– loads of it. And he was done

Cameron walked out very happy with her brand new butt, which, she thought, would surely please her boyfriend, though it felt soft in some parts and hard in others.

After one month, Cameron developed pain in both buttocks, tender lumps on them, violent butt spasms and numb areas. She wished she had a Jacksonville insurance policy!

It was too late for her to get a Jacksonville insurance policy now. She would be the butt of all jokes now.

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