Family Health Insurance In FloridaFamily Health Insurance In Florida Won't Mob You

Summarized View:

“Ha, ha, my friend Don Dritt, ha ha, all my fellow Scandinavian Dons have begun admiring family health insurance because of me, Don Dritt, my friend!” Scandinavian Don Rovhal Pattar told his friend Don Jaevel Dritt.

“Ha, ha, Don Rovhal, ha, ha. What did you do to make them admire family plans? Did you toast their intestines with your nuclear fire gun?”


“No, my friend, Don Dritt, I played so many mafia games on their minds and at that time, they had no idea about a family plan! We were meeting in a hotel to talk about our igloo-smuggling plans, and when the meeting began, I laughed uncontrollably for 3 minutes in an evil way. Those Dons were so scared, they thought I had gone mad.”

“Ha, ha, Don Rovhal, that is so funny. What happened next?”

“Then I made my henchman drop a dummy past the meeting room window – that scared the sh*t out of them.

Then I kept saying “meow” during an important conversation.

“Then I put a puppet on my hand and began talking through it.

“Then I took off my shoe and pounded it on the table.

“Then I put my pen in mouth and took notes.

“Then I pulled out my gun and said, “Someone in this room is going to get fired.”

“Then I wished I had bought myself a family health insurance policy!”

“Why, Don Rovhal, why did you wish you should have bought family insurance?”

“That is because those idiot Scandinavian Dons have no sense of humor. As soon as I said those lines, those bubbleheads got up, pointed their air guns at me and shot me with them! “ That's why I am here in this hospital paying $10,000 a day. Had I been covered by health insurance, I would have to pay nothing. Ha, ha, Don Dritt, ha, ha.”

“Don Rohval, get well soon. I will come and visit you again next week. Meanwhile please accept my bananas and get yourself covered with family insurance in Florida before the next meeting of Scandinavian Dons!” Saying that Don Dritt left the hospital room.

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