Florida Dental PlansFlorida Dental Plan Ain’t Cheesy!

Summarized View:

Mathew McCoughey had hit upon the perfect plan to please and seduce women.

His secret was simple: Toned body, white sparkling teeth (so when you say something to women they can admire your teeth as well), cheesy one-liners, and a solid Florida dental plan.

Incidentally, Mathew had bought his Florida dental plan from our website, www.Cheap-Dental-Insurance.com.


He remembered the day he had dated Sandra Bull, “Can I read your palm, baby, I can tell fortunes y’know?” Sandra had forwarded her palm to Mathew, who wrote his phone number on her palm and added, “Your skin is so creamy that I bet you never had a zit on your posterior, Sandra baby”.

That kind of freaked Sandra out. She punched Mathew’s mouth and then sloshed some pepper spray into his eyes. Mathew damaged some of his teeth and his Florida dental plan helped him out with the dentist’s bills.

Soon after his Florida dental plan got his teeth repaired, Mathew dated Ashley Jude.

“Do you believe in the hereafter? Well, then I guess you know what I'm here after.” Mathew had got the conversation going.

After an hour, Mathew was in full-passion mode and he excitedly told Ashley, “If you were a nose booger, I’d pick you first, baby!”

That did it. Ashley grabbed the steel pipe she kept in her left sock for protection and smashed it on Mathew’s big mouth.

Once again, Mathew’s Florida dental plan got his teeth repaired.

The same goomba happened with Mathew’s male cycling buddy, Lance Armthong, when he told Lance: “I like the number 69, do you? And, “Will you be the mother of my children?”

After that dialogue, Lance a shoved a cycle pedal into Mathew’s mouth which damaged his gums. Again, Mathew’s Florida dental plan got his teeth repaired. That was how a Florida dental plan saved the day for Mathew.

Now, how about you? Are you covered by a nice Florida dental plan? If not and if you’re looking for one, why don’t buy your Florida dental plan right away from our website here?

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