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“May I have your attention please? Mariah Carry is a liar, she’s a b***h, she’s a p**p and she’s a centauri! She’s like an obnoxious, lying, cheating insurance agent, so unlike an online, clean insurance website in Florida, like naaip.org!” MeInMe began his speech at the Florida insurance agent’s Charity Dinner.

“Chiga, chiga, chiga, Mariah is not a slim shady, she’s an ovulating, rebellious ninny, who’s not admitting to the fact she’s not had any relation with me! Just like you ninny agents, you’re not just like me!”


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“Maria and all insurance agents are sick pieces of vandadas. They’re no Wankstas. And they can never be gangstas! Maria and you health insurance providers talk all queasy, say things that are cheesy and all you want is 49 1/2 Pesos who’s a cheapo sleazy!”

“Now, I want all you insurance companies to please stand up, please stand up. Then all you must dance to some Nelly jams, while I film you with my video cam! None behave as if they are a human being and carry on dancing till the world stops p**ing!”

All the agents had no option to get up and dance till the world stopped.

“The way you group insurance agents shake it, I can’t believe it, I ain’t never seen an ahh like that. The way you move it, you make me go DOING DOING DOING!” MeInMe cheered waving his assembled machine gun around.

All the Florida agents kept dancing. They had to!

“Sometimes its hard for insurance agents in Florida to deal with a policy of real life, sometimes I wanna kill you guys using this mike, but agents don’t know what my machine gunning skills are like, Just like you insurance leads plans for free in Florida, I too hate life!”

he sound of gunfire followed at the Florida insurance agents charity dinner.

We don’t know what happened after that, nor are we interested. Our website is a clean, clear website that deals with clean, clear policies. No agent is going to hassle you when you’re on our site looking for Florida insurance. So, relax and hammer away at your keyboard all you want, for no agent is gonna pest you. Thanks to MeInMe!

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