Tampa Insurance Quotes Are Here Insurance Brokers From Tampa Are Not Tech-Savvy!

Summarized View:

Larry Kinga Kong was an insurance broker from Tampa and to top that, Larry was a 24/7 lewd womanizer, as most insurance brokers are rumored to be.

Larry also wasn't Internet-savvy, as most insurance brokers from Tampa are rumored to be, and if he had to survive, he had to learn the Internet.


Before that he needed to learn typing. So Larry enrolled himself in a typing class. You'd have figured out that the typing class would have been infested with insurance brokers, no?

“Okay my insurance broker students from Tampa, put your fingers on A S D F for the left hand, and J K L ; for the right hand. In the first lesson, we practice touch-typing the letters J and F, and continue to touch-type all other letters.” The voluptuous, sexy typing instructor told her bunch of insurance broker students.

“Hey, that's a nice ASDF you've got there,teacher! Ha, ha, don't mind this, it was only a JKL:!” Larry, the lewd insurance broker shouted out.

All the brokers broke into laughter.

“Teacher, the more I look at you, I more I feel they should call this typing thingie a “Keybroad”!” Larry, the really vulgar insurance broker from Tampa screamed out.

All the insurance brokers laughed out loud.

“Teacher, teacher, can I come and fiddle around with the type-O's in your system! Can you check to see if my expletive-deleted-type matches yours'!”

Larry was turning into an uncouth insurance broker now.

Just then, Chris “The Hard Rock” Tucker walked into the classroom.

The typing instructor was his wife and “The Hard Rock” didn't like what Larry, the putrid insurance broker, was telling her.

He moved towards Larry and Larry leapt out of the nearest window and hit the green grass running.

We don't know what happened after that but Larry bought a life insurance policy from us, Joe Florida Insurance.

Now, isn't that a surprise. And we hear he's too scared to move out of his home! we even made sure he got complete coverage.

Now, how about you?

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