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Queen Elizabeth The MMDCLXXX was a nut case living in Orlando. She had no protection from life's twists and turns – no property, no savings, and no Orlando life insurance. You must know that this Queen Elizabeth, not to be mistaken for the British Queen Elizabeth, was a compulsive gambler and a man-eater too. And she was on the wrong side of 70s.

A new casino – Casino Royal – was opening shop in Orlando and Queen Elizabeth decided to gamble on its opening night. Queen Elizabeth decked herself up in an extremely low cut mini skirt, and with her cleavage yo-yoing like a pendulum, she headed for Casino Royal.


First, Queen Elizabeth played a round of Poker. She won every hand and a made a lot of money. Her neighbor who decided to take a peep at her cleavage died of nausea, disgust, cleavage-sickness and extreme revulsion. He wasn't covered by an life insurance policy.

Then Queen Elizabeth played roulette for just one all-or-nothing game. Guess what, she won! The person manning the roulette wheel collapsed, broke down, crumpled and died on the spot because– standing next to him – Queen Elizabeth vandalized him under the table. That guy wasn't covered by an Orlando life insurance policy too. Neither did Queen Elizabeth have a life insurance policy. What a coincidence, huh?

After that Queen Elizabeth played Blackjack and she got 4 twenty-one's rapidly one after the other. During the game, Queen Elizabeth, also tenderly ran her legs up the dealer's ankles. The Card dealer couldn't take it: the prospect of Queen Elizabeth busting the bank and then making those come-hither gestures barbarized, brutalized, animalized and alkanized his soul. He died there and then of a shock attack. Even he wasn't covered by an Orlando life insurance policy!

Three deaths in one night! Queen Elizabeth was thrown out of Casino Royal.

Moral of the story: If you ain't covered by a life insurance policy, then you can be thrown out of casinos.

That's how Queen Elizabeth learned her lesson, learning which she bought a life insurance policy from us at life insurance quotes. Now, how about you?Are you looking for a life insurance policy? If yes, then our website is networked with quality companies and when you deal with us, you're assured of an affordable yet qualitative policy. Go ahead and apply for one, it's not a gamble!

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