Florida Individual Health Insurance Individual Health Insurance in Florida Is For All Genders

Summarized View:

“I know what you’re trying to do, but you better be having individual health insurance, big boy.” Mimi told Mel Gabson at the nightclub bar. Mel was trying to get Mimi into a one-night stand.

“Hey, no fear, Mimi, I’ve got myself a cool individual health insurance from JoeFloridaInsurance.com. Now tell me, you know why Santa Claus is so jolly?


That’s because he knows where all the bad girls live, plus he has a Florida individual health insurance, so that if he gets some rash, that can be fixed for free.”

Both Mimi and Mel laughed.

They were enjoying this talk about Florida individual health insurance. Mel continued:

“Y’know Mimi, all infants enjoy infancy. And all adults enjoy adultery! Especially those with an insurance plan!”

The laughter continued. So did Mel’s corny health insurance jokes.

“Hey Mimi, say this small poem repeatedly: I'm not a pheasant plucker, I'm only plucking pleasants, until the pheasant plucker comes! Hope the guys around us are covered by a policy!”

“Hey. Mimi, why don’t you come home and I’ll show you my washing machine that’s always happy! Y’know why she’s always happy? That’s cause she does my underpants daily! Ha ha!”

Mimi warmed up to Mel. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. Both were covered by nice policies and that was the common ground for their romance. Both left the nightclub together unable to control their passion for each other.

The next morning, Mel Gabson enrolled himself in a hospital approved by his Florida individual health insurance policy. He had had a one-night stand with Mimi Marker, America’s transgender entertainer, extreme sadist and Jiujutsu Champ.

That’s how individual health insuranceFlorida helped out Mel when he was in deep s**t, literally.

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