Pensacola Insurance Plans Insurance Is As Graceful As A Ballet Dance in Pensacola

Summarized View:

“Darling! I need you to take a Pensacola insurance policy right away and register for a ballet class immediately!” Katie Homliness told her new husband Tom Crum.

Tom blinked and gingerly rubbed his eyes.

It was six in the morning and Katie was sitting up in bed, a cigar in her mouth.


Tom was dumbstruck. It was the second night of his marriage, and Katie was asking him to get an insurance quote in Pensacola and register himself as a ballet dancer?

He felt maybe she had been reading too much about Pensacola insurance and had damaged her mind. Maybe she needed some fashionable psychiatric help.

“Holy scientific butt crack-i-tis, Katie! Why do you want me to enroll for a ballet class. And why do you want me to cover myself with a insurance policy, honeykins?” Tom shot back.

“Because, Tom, your derriere is just too small for my liking.

“Make it bigger, and rounder and more with-it.

“I have heard ballet dancers have great derrieres and I want yours’to be as good.

“Enroll in a ballet class, Tom, and tone up your derriere and your weightlessness factor.

“But before you enroll,get yourself an insurance policy from

“Now, get up, shave your mug and get going.” Katie said as she pushed him out of the bed.

Tom felt he had no options. He knew if he offended her she might slip into one of her schizophrenic-states. If she started imagining she was a Swahili cannibal in the middle of the night, Tom might wind up playing the harp on up on a cloud.

So he bought an insurance policy from our site and enrolled in Madame Sophie’s Ballet Class.

Three days later, Tom fractured his patella, tore his meniscus, ruptured his inner thigh muscles and developed a serious itching disease because Madame Sophie’s teachers taught some other conditioning tricks after the ballet class.

Tom’s insurance policy helped pay the hospital bills.

“See, I told you insurance would be great for you Tom.

“Okay, you take it easy Honey and just rest. This is a very nice intensive ward.

“And don't worry a bit about me. I off now for my hot candle wax classes.” Katie said as she blew Tom a kiss as she left.

The moral of this story is that insurance is good for everyone, not just for ballet dancers.

If you want to lay your hands on a good insurance policy, what are you waiting for?

You are at the right site. We are networked with the best companies. You are assured of a great deal.

Go ahead. Try a passage with our insurance broker in Pensacola.

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