Consumer's Guide To Health Insurance In Florida The Guide to Health Insurance for Individuals and Families in Florida

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My life long ambition is to do good in this world.

These amalgamation of paragraphs are designed to help you choose the right health insurance plan in Florida. The right company, the right deductibles, options, etc.

The end result is that you are health insurance wise, saving thousands of dollars, while preserving your health, mental and physical well being.


I am not joking about saving thousands of dollars on health insurance but I was joking about using such a big word like "amalgamation." I am not sure what got into me.

Deductibles are funny

When a potential client calls and desires to have the same health coverage that his neighbor has who works for the city of Orlando, forget about it.

Keep in mind that the city of Orlando is paying for at least half the cost of insurance. The deductibles and co payments in group insurance plans are much lower than in individual insurance plans.

What is available for State of Florida workers, city workers, IBM employees are not going to available to regular people. The way for you to get lower cost insurance premium is simply by having a high deductible. That is it.

Insurance companies offer different deductibles to the client.

The insurance company will have deductibles ranging from $500 to $5,000. The $500 deductible is very attractive to "hypochondriacs", people who love going to the doctor.

The smart insurance company really does want "hypochondriacs" as policyholders. The company will pay the claims of the policyholder but if enough unhealthy people are part of the company's "block of business" then the health insurance company simply goes to the Florida Department of Insurance and gets a rate increase for all the existing and new policyholders.

Of course, the goal of a Florida health insurance company is to grow and prosper. Eventually when a company has high premiums then the health insurance company will not get any more new customers. The health insurance company will get smaller and smaller till they eventually say "adios" to the insurance industry.

We know that "hypochondriacs" cause an excess amount of health care expenses over and above what they pay in premiums. The smart insurance companies try to dissuade these folks from knowing that their company even exists.

You may ask what do "hypochondriacs" have to do with deductibles? A person who loves going to the doctor will want a very low deductible. The smart company will be charging an unreasonably high premium for the lowest deductible. End of story.

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