Moving Guide

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Moving from one home into another can be a hard and drawn out process which requires lots of organization and proper timing. Moving guides are made to make your life a little easier during your move. They can plan out for you exactly when to do each necessary part of your move starting from weeks or even months in advance and leading up until you have everything unpacked in your new home. Please, use this article as one of those moving guides.

Most moving guides will start with anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 months prior to your big move. This might seem at first to be a little excessive, but really it’s not. Moving takes quite a bit of planning to run smoothly and in a timely manner. During these very early stages of the moving process, moving guides will tell you to start gathering up the things you’ll ultimately need for the move. This includes (but is not limited to) moving boxes and other packing materials, information about your new area such as school districts and points of interest, and any travel information you may need. This is also the time to have you homeowners insurance agent transfer your insurance to the new home. You’ll also want to start thinking about how you will want to arrange your new home and decide what you can and cannot take with you. Remember to keep all receipts as there are many possible tax deductions associated with moving.

When you are about a month away from the move, a moving guide would inform you to start getting the word out about the move. Get change of address forms from the local post office and inform anyone that needs your address of what your new location would be. People who will need this info include the postal service, family and friends, your bank, utility services, any subscriptions you may have, and (unfortunately) the collectors of any debts you may have that you make payments on (like credit card, student loans, etc.).

Also about a month out, you’ll want to decide on what kind of moving service you’ll use. Your three options are do it yourself (where you pack it, load a truck, drive the truck, and pretty much do everything yourself), full service (where the moving company does everything for you except for whatever small personal effects you want to take care of yourself), and self service (a hybrid of the two). Moving guides also suggest holding a yard sale at this point to get rid of anything you don’t need to bring with you.

With only a couple weeks until the move, moving guides say you should use this time to inform your utilities of the move and schedule to have them turn off the utilities in your soon to be old home the day after you move out. Call ahead to your new location and arrange for them to turn on the utilities there on your move-in day. You should also drain all appliances of any fuel or other liquids to make their transport easier and safer.

With only a week or less to go, moving guides will inform you that it’s time to start packing. Make sure to box up all your items using inkless newsprint or bubble wrap as insulation and protection. Begin de-icing your refrigerator and make your final arrangements with the moving company. When you’re down to the day before your move, finish packing everything up and get rid of any perishables that may go bad during the move if you’re going to a new state. Make sure all boxes are not only packed, but also labeled so you and the movers will know where everything goes. And get a good night’s sleep your last night in the home.

Then, it’s time to move! Hopefully this moving guide will help you plan out your move a little easier. Happy moving!

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