Health Insurance In Florida Health Insurance In Florida Doesn’t Strip You Bare

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“Britney, suppose I contracted a deadly skin disease today and by some freak chance I was transported back in time, and there was no cure for that disease, then what will be my chances of surviving be and getting back here again fully ship-shape?” Paris Hillstorm worriedly asked her best buddy Britney Swords.

“Dahling, put on your wigs, false eyelashes and dentures. And I hope you have adequate health insurance in Florida, sweet baby!”


Gina Lollobridge said to Sophia Lorry over the phone. “Gina, my best friend, why are you saying all this? Why should I put on my dentures, wig and eyelashes and why should I have a solid health insurance in Florida! Don’t blabber, my friend, take control of yourself for I think you’re being suffering from a bout of senility!” A caring Sophia replied.

“No, I’m fine. Liz Trailor, me and you and our dog named Boo are going out to a male strip joint in Florida, baby, and we’re going to get some fun! Liz and me have just got a great health insurance plan here in Florida from, and you pick up a nice health insurance in Florida from there, my goldie-oldie, and we’ll indulge in debauchery and bite some b*tts tonite!”

“Sounds like fun. I’ll go get myself insurance in Florida right now. Pick me up at eight sharp!”

That night Liz, Sophia and Gina went to the male strip bar. When the stripper did a “69” curve pose on Liz, her blood pressure shot up and she passed out with her eyes open, her pupils dilating.

When another stripper in a French legion uniform, danced next to Sophia, she got all excited and set his clothes on fire using her cigar lighter.

The third stripper got a hard bit on his backside by Gina, so hard that Gina’s dentures were yanked out of her mouth when the stripper began running for cover.

The next day, health insurance in Florida helped Liz with her blood pressure, Sophia with her burn injuries and Gina with her bleeding gums.

That’s how great and important it is to have low cost health insurance. You may not be visiting strip bars, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need affordable health insurance!

So, are you looking for hmo insurance in Florida, or do you want to wait till you visit a strip bar?

Our website is networked with quality health insurance companies and when you deal with us, you’re assured of an affordable policy.

Go ahead and apply for one, it won’t strip you bare!

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