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Summarized View:

Kobe Tyrant, a 7-foot tall American basketball player was sitting in a car next to his blind date, a 5-foot babe, off Highway 69. Kobe had no health care plan – even his blind date didn't have a health care plan.

“Look here, Pinky, let's start with an alternating–possession kissing game. First I jump, and you jump and try to kiss me. Then you jump and I jump too, trying to kiss you. Ready?” Kobe excitedly whispered into his date's ears. He was flush with excitement.


The girl immediately knew that she was in big trouble. Here she was alone off a highway with a basketball player, who seemed more like a basket case, and she had no health plan and she had a feeling that something stupidly nasty was going to happen.

“That's a toughie game, Kobe. You got a simpler game, like say smooch-a-doodle-doo or something like that, huh? You also must know I don't have a health care provider, Kobe!”

“That game's for those pansy beach volleyball players, Pinky. How about we play a game of chippy-hanging where you bite my chest and pretend to fall down. If I survive the bite, I win. Whatever, then my turn comes. And don't be nerdy about a health insurance policy – even I don't have a plan!”

“Chippy-hanging sounds like a bombastic game, Kobe! I'll be slaughtered! How about playing Dunkadelicious – now that's a ribald game!” The girl said kicking herself for not buying a plan.

“Baby, Dunkadelicious is for those arty-hole swimmers! Ok, this is my last idea: Let's play Growing Pains! You assault me while running and I'll assault you while you are running – and both of us should be running on the highway. And both of us feel our pain growing. Let's do it, sugar!”

The girl didn't think of her plan now. She eased her hand into her back pocket and stealthily extracted a miniature can of Anaconda's Venom, a red-pepper based protection spray.

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