Florida Insurance in Jacksonville The History Of Jacksonville Florida Insurance

Summarized View:

Jacksonville Florida Insurance has a bloody past.

It is mired in the sweat and the blood of natives, Romans, pilgrims, politicians and pigs.

Once upon a time, the brutal Roman emperor Commodus invaded Jacksonville because Cleopatra told him to..


When Commodus observed that the pilgrims of Jacksonville were drinking the same water which his army was commoding in, he hit upon the idea of selling Jacksonville, Florida insurance policies.

Thus, the first policy sold was the marine Jacksonville insurance policy, where the Roman army would ensure to the pilgrims that they would not do their daily toilet Macarana in the potable river water, upon being paid an assured premium per month.

After a few years the British attacked Jacksonville because they wanted to attack it, and they killed all the Romans and set fire to all the houses.

When they heard about Commodus and his Marine Jacksonville, Florida insurance policies, they introduced fire Jacksonville Florida insurance policies.

Now the residents of Jacksonville would have to buy a fire Jacksonville Florida insurance policy from the British invaders if they wanted to safe guard their houses from fire.

After a few years, the Chinese ninja army attacked Jacksonville.

The Chinese army was armed with the knowledge of Kung-fu.

The British army was armed with the knowledge of using guns.

The Chinese army was defeated and the British army started selling life and health insurance policies both to the surviving Chinese army as well as to the Jacksonville residents.

After some years, the British ladies invented the Victorian corset and soon all kinds of insurance vanished from the scene because men were obsessed with lacing and de-lacing corsets 24/7.

After some years, in 2005, we started JoeFloridaInsurance.com, and thus revived the cult of the long forgotten Jacksonville policy.

This is the true history of Florida Insurance for Jacksonvillians.

So, do you want to lay your hands on this insurance and get your hands on a slice of history?

Well, you are at the right site, and we are networked with the best insurance companies and when you deal with us you are assured of a great deal.

Go ahead; try us out, we’ll record your name in our annals!

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