Florida Insurance in Jacksonville Jacksonville Florida Insurance Brokers Need Some Offline Sanity?

Summarized View:

Hank Skeeter, a Florida insurance broker, was getting ready for his morning jog.

Hank wore his jogging knickers over his head and opened his bathroom door. Then, Hank, the insurance broker began his daily morning jog – in his bathroom.


After an hour
or so, Hank, the broker was on the street and he saw people walking. They had tentacles growing out of them. God, this was a world gone wrong, Hank muttered to himself.

After walking a small distance, Hank, the insurance broker saw a public signboard. Lifting his leg, Hank, the broker relieved himself on its pole.

After relieving himself, Hank, howled looking directly at the sun. The funny people who had tentacles growing out of them watched Hank. Hank didn’t care about them. He took off his scuba mask and looked them in the eye. They scurried away like rats.

Hank, the broker, had to keep his appointment with his tattoo guy. The tattoo guy had promised him that today he would tattoo Hank’s name on each of Hank’s teeth. Hank didn’t want to be late.

Hank started walking briskly. He felt heavy. Stopping by for a few seconds, he dropped his dead dog whom he was carrying on his back, and resumed his brisk walk. The funny tentacle people were running helter-skelter now. Hank heard a siren behind him. He thought it was the factory whistle for the lunch break.

It took three hefty cops to subdue Hank Skeeter, the Florida health insurance broker.

The moral of this story is all Jacksonville Florida insurance brokers are going nuts because online insurance sites are taking away their business. Forget insurance brokers,guys, they are relics of the past.

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Go ahead. Take an affordable policy from us. We promise to be sane all the time!

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