Miami Insurance Brokers Are Welcome Do You Have A Crush On Your Miami Insurance Broker

Summarized View:

Have you ever felt that you have a crush on your Miami insurance broker? Or do you want to crush your Miami insurance broker with a sledgehammer?

Whatever may be the case, here’s a nifty quiz for you to figure out your true feelings for a Miami insurance broker:


1. How do you feel about yourself in the presence of a Miami Insurance broker?

a. You feel like lashing yourself across the face with a custom-built barbed wire chain and then enroll yourself in an aversion therapy program because the very sight of your Miami insurance broker repels you.

b. You feel like grabbing him in your arm sand waltzing with him to the tune of Symphony Number Three Of The Danish Beck Otto Skadelig.

2. When was the last time you spoke to your Miami insurance broker?

a. Just last night, when you clamped his broker’'s legs with a medieval ball and chain, and brutally spanked him using crocodile shears.

b. Just before reading this article; in fact you inquired from your Miami insurance broker his views on marriage and child rearing, and if such acts were performed by both of you together.

3.Do you feel jealous if your Miami insurance broker interacts with other clients?


a. Not at all. In fact I feel like holding a gun on his head, placing sensuous spices on his tongue and then make a skunk and a porcupine tongue kiss him the whole day!

b. Yeah, I feel like rubbing soap into his eyes and then proceed to manually extract the teeth of his clients.

If your answers are:

(a) to all the questions, then you are a hip, with-it, internet-savvy, our kinda guy;

(b) to all the questions, then you need urgent psychiatric care;

all mixed up,

then you don’t live in Miami.

Guys, let’s face it – Miami insurance brokers are antiquated ever since the Internet barged into their business.

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