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David Hasselhoof lived in Miami and was regarded as America’s 5-star moron.

He couldn’t communicate clearly, got into fights, was unreasonable with his wife, Bache, and he also picked up an unnecessary argument with our web site,, when he wanted a Miami Insurance Quote.


One day, David suddenly felt he needed a divorce and he wanted it right away.

He spoke to his attorney:

“My wife Bache is making fun of my spestron, she’s calling me a hocclud and I don’t expect this expunge to go on! Holy Rararount! Get me a through divorce while I get myself a Miami insurance Quote!” David told his attorney in the best English he had ever spoken.

“I'm sorry. I don’t understand what you just said David, except for that Miami Insurance Quote bit!”

“I said my wife, Bache, is prefully making fun of my whateraty everyday! Then she calls me a mallyndap and I don’t want this ansfofaty to go on.

“Holy Hoonshick! Get me an imppupoid divorce while I get myself a Miami Insurance Quote! That’s what I just told you.”

David’s English was getting better.

“Hot darn, man, can’t you talk in plain English!I Can’t get anything apart from a Miami Insurance Quote in what you are blabbering!”

‘Blabbering? Why you pumptare chilabooty! I’m goingto vecomer your manulance now! After my baming you’ll thede wish you had taken a Insurance in Miami quote yourself, you oderfen!”


“Eh, what’s that you said! Don’t talk abouta Miami Insurance Quote in that tone! I don’t like it!

After that David collared his lawyer and gave him a garinging thumping.

Then the lawyer wished he really had taken out a Miami Insurance Quote.

What about you?

Are you looking for a Miami insurance broker or do you want David to make you look for it?

Listen, our website is networked with quality Miami Insurance Quote companies and when you deal with us, you’re assured of an affordable yet qualitative Miami Insurance Quote.

Go ahead and apply for one, it’s prorare!

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