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“Gawd, sophia baby, do you know that my 6’ 2” tall doctor examined me all over my body and there I was lying on the medical bench with nothing on me?” Joan Colons asked her best buddy, Sophia Lorry on the phone.

“Ooo, you lucky barf! What made you go to your doctor sweetie?” Sophia asked Joan feeling a little jealous.


“Oh, tush Sophia darling! Ever since I’ve met my doctor I’ve started getting a warm perspiring sensation sweep over me daily, honey! Today he told me to get an Orlando insurance quote real quick!”

“What a keister! Here you have no clothes on and there’s a 6’2” man examining you and all he asks you is to get an Orlando insurance quote! Gimme some other cockamamie story, Joan, I don’t believe he just said that bit about an insurance quote and didn’t do nothing!”

“Stop your schmoozing talk for a minute will you, ya podunk! Listen to the whole story first! He was examining me and I was feeling hot and perspiring and he examined me – oh what excitement – and then told me that I need to take an Orlando insurance quote because I have had a hot flash!”

“Joan, even I would be having a hot flash if I was lying on a bed with nothing on me and a 6’2” tall man examining me. But then I won’t allow him to yak about an Orlando insurance quote, I’d get him to do something about my hot flash, Joan, you kooky dunce!”

“I did too, I caught his dweeby hand and asked him to do something about my hot flash and he said that was about to do something about it! He repeated that I should get an Orlando insurance quote!”

“OK, this is getting raunchy now! What happened next?”

“Next, that scumbag Smokey injected about 2 pounds of estrogen in my back barfer! Then he told me to be a good girl,take an Orlando insurance quote, buy an Orlando insurance policy and see him next week! He told me he would cure my hot flash the next time I meet him.”

“Gosh, I can’t wait to hear what happens on your next visit, you 72-year old hyena!” Sophia signed off.

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