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Club Singer Madonne was in a foul, soured up mood as she bought an Orlando insurance policy from our web site, JoeFloridaInsurance.com.

It seemed the whole world was against her and she needed an Orlando insurance policy just in case someone caused her physical harm.

Florida Insurance For Hope

Yes, Madonne was afraid of her life and she needed an insurance policy real quick.

She remembered the day she returned from her trip to Africa.

The first thing she did was to call her best buddy, Queen Lafita. “Darling, you know, you remind me of Kwennoir Shaft, a Somali woman whom I met in Africa.

She looks just like you, darling. Except that she looks starved and you don’t. What a coincidence, Queenie!” Madonne had chirped into the phone.

“Oh, really! Next time I meet you keep your Orlando insurance policy in top order Madonne, you’re going to need it badly! ”Queen Lafita retorted, cutting off the phone.

Strange bird that, Queen Lafita, Madonne thought to herself.

Now why would she want Madonne to get an Orlando insurance policy?

Next, she called her other friend Donna who was just out of rehab – rehab, because the slightest unsanitary talk would make her nauseated.

“Donna, darling do you know that in Africa, you can see a child laying listlessly on the pavement in a pool of urine with flies buzzing around their head or, like, children wandering around almost in a comatose state.

You can see women sitting on the front porches of their little huts with Karposi's Sarcoma lesions all over their bodies.

Boy, oh, boy, I wish Orlando insurance was available to these people in Africa!”

“Gacccck! Puuuuuukkkkke! Madonne, you #$%^, wait till I meet you next. It’s you who will be needing an insurance policy, you @#$%!”

Madonne didn’t know what the hell was going on!

Why were all her friends telling her to get an Orlando insurance policy?

She thought she should divert her mind from Orlando insurance and sing a lullaby to her adopted African baby.

“Hee-hee-hee-yum-yum-a-way, Hush my darling, my pretty darling, the lion sleeps tonight.” Madonne began and the child started bawling!

“Or lan do. In sur anse,” The child seemed to be crying. And that brings us to the first paragraph of this story.

That was how Madonne got her insurance policy.

What about you?

You may not be out of Africa, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need an insurance policy!

If you’re looking for one, why don’t buy your policy right away from our website here?

Our website is networked with quality companies who are eagerly waiting to offer you affordable quotes.

Go ahead and take one, it’ll work out for you, Bwana!

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