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Humana Health Insurance Company is one of the leading health insurance providers in Florida. Currently, Humana's health insurance plans are the preferred choice for many Florida residents.

We offer Health Insurance plans from a number of different providers and you can get an instant health insurance quote through this web site.

Florida Human health Insurance

It is extremely easy to get an instant quote for a variety of health insurance plans by simply filling out the form. You can modify the various options and recalculate the quote too.

After you approve the quote you can even continue the application process and sign up directly, all online, hassle free.

A toll free customer service phone number is available if you have any questions. The agent of record for the Humana transaction will be David Rutstein.

Instructions for filling out the Humana's Florida Health Insurance Quote form

  • Preferred Effective Date of Coverage: When you would like the Humana policy to start.
  • Child Only - This quote is for a child/children only.
  • Add Spouse - To add spouse to plan.Add Dependent - To add children or other dependents to plan.
  • After this choose the plan you want
  • You MUST choose the deductible.

Deductible - the amount you will have to pay before the insurance company starts covering the bill. Generally the lower the deductible, the higher the insurance premium. We generally recommend taking the highest deductible.Monthly Premium - The amount you have to pay the insurance company each month to keep your plan going.

The complete plan details are downloadable when you choose the plan after getting free quote(on left side of page).

Provider directory will also be available

Open Access PPO/EPO Health/Life

  • Go to the doctor and specialist without a referral. The higher the deductible the lower the premium. There is more information for you at this page.
  • 80/60 after the deductible to $2,000 (in network) per member. If you go to a doctor that participates in the network then the percentage that you pay from your pocket is less.

Example: after you meet the deductible the plan will pay 80% (in network) of the expenses till you reach $2,000 (the maximum out of pocket expenses per year).

This plan does not include a Health Savings Account.

Open Access HDHP 80/60 Health/Life

  • After the deductible 80/60 to $2,000 additional for a single person or $4,000 for a family.
  • This plan has a Health Savings Account as an option.
  • The HSA entitles the policyholder to open a tax advantaged savings account with a financial institution (Humana will even help you do this online) and you can deposit an amount up to your yearly deductible.

Open Access HDHP 100/70 Health/Life

  • Same as above except that the coinsurance after the deductible is zero (in network) on your part, therefore the premiums are higher. This plan offers the highest deductibles (you can put more into your HSA) and is simple to understand. We highly recommend this plan.
  • This plan has a Health Savings Account as an option.
  • Required Benefits - The benefits that you must choose as part of the plan.
  • Prescription Drug Benefit - Humana benefits for prescriptions will kick in after you pass the selected deductible.
  • Zero deductible prescription drug option is available - no deductible is required to be met before prescription plan benefits are payable.

We generally recommend taking the higher deductible (the $500 option).

Select Optional Benefits

  • Other insurance options that you may add to your plan.
  • Dental Product - Dental insurance as part of the Humana plan.

We do not recommend signing up for the dental option since we offer cheaper dental plans.

Office Visit Co-Pay

For an additional amount of amount of money per month, an office visit would be less money.

Generally, we do not recommend this option.Primary Life Product

This life insurance option gives you the option from $25,000 to up to one million dollars of life insurance.

This life insurance is available for a term of 10, 15 or 20 years. The life policy continues even if you don't continue the health insurance. This is an excellent opportunity to apply for inexpensive, real life insurance at the same time you are applying for health insurance.

Primary Life Rider $20,000 Face

Provides $20,000 of life insurance coverage for the primary health plan applicant. This life insurance terminates when the health plan terminates.

Recalculate - To receive an updated quote after changing the options.

Humana is a quality insurer with which members will have access to an online My Humana account. This is a great way to see exactly how much of the dectuctible you have used and other pertinent information.

What if Humana isn't what I Want?

If Humana health insurance does not fulfill your needs, fill out our form and we will find another provider who will fit your needs.

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