Florida Life Insurance Quote Florida Life Insurance Quote As A Christmas Carol

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Puppy Boy, Jay-Z and 49 1/2 Pesos,America’s hardcore rappers were huge fans of Florida life insurance. They always came to our site, Life-Insurance-Experts.com and requested for life insurance quotes mainly for the guys whom they were about to attack and vandalize.

This Christmas was special for them: Ted Haggard had requested them to come over to his masseur’s temple and sing a whacked out carol that would please his masseur friends. Ted Haggard too was a fan of Florida life insurance.


A special Christmas carol was being planned that included Santa Claus and a Life insurance quote. We have taken extensive time and spying in bringing this heavy-duty carol to you, a carol, that wasn’t sung because it was considered morally incorrect:

Someone Get Santa A
Life Insurance company Who's got a beard that's long and white?
Who’s unshaven for 100s of years and looks a sight? Santa's got an unshaven beard and he looks a fright.
For many years we can’t see his throat.
Who comes around on our very special night?
Someone get Santa a life insurance quote.

Disturbing our love lives, when we are about to ignite.
Special night, beard that's white, he makes us incite,
He invades our privacy, gets our goat,
Someone get Santa a Florida life insurance quote

Who wears boots and a suit of red? Santa’s not a fashionista, he looks a dread.
Who wears a long cap on his head? And fools around with elves in his shed.
Cap on head, suit that's red, Big tummy, all the time getting fed,
Wearing a anti-PETA fur coat,
Someone get Santa life insurance

Who's got a big red cherry nose? Whose goobers that he blows.
Who laughs this way: HO HO HO? Santa should not speak, we pray,
And instead sell his frock on e-bay, HO HO HO, he bleats like a Billy goat!
Someone get Santa a Florida life insurance quote
HO HO HO, cherry nose,

Sagging tummy, big posterior, bad pose,
Cap on head, suit that's red,
Something Giorgio Armani will dread. Special night, beard that's white,
Only Paris Hillstorm can tackle such a sight,
Someone please take away his right to vote,
Someone please get Santa an insurance life

The moral of this story is that we go to great lengths to get you offbeat trivia stuff so that you guys can have a good time on our site and all we ask in return is that you should take a Florida life insurance quote from us.

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