Florida Medicare Website Florida Medicare Website Is No Cock And Bull Story

Summarized View:

49 1/2 Pesos relaxed on his poster bed clad in his silk pajamas and white cap. He sank deeper into the cushions as he saw Puppy Boy walk in with Anne Bishop.

Anne wasn’t wearing anything and she looked ultra gorgeous to 49 1/2 Pesos. She wouldn’t be looking so gorgeous after he was through with her, 49 1/2 Pesos said to himself.


“Snoop, I sure hope you visited a Medicare Florida website and bought a decent policy for Anne? Coz she gonna need that insurance cover, bro.” 49 1/2 Pesos told Snoop.

“Heck, no, 49 1/2 Pesos, I didn’t go to any Florida Medicare website. I figured Anne won’t be needing any insurance.” Snoop informed 49 1/2 Pesos.

“Ha, ha, you are mistaken Snoop. Hey, Anne, I betcha you’ll wish Snoop took you to a cool Medicare Medigap website and bought you an insurance policy. Coz you gonna need it, toots!” 49 1/2 Pesos menacingly said looking at Anne. He pulled out a metal whip.

Anne was frightened – her eyes widened in disbelief: She was saddled with these two animals! She couldn’t understand all this crazy Florida Medicare website talk!

She darted her head here and she darted her head there, but the doors were closed. There was no escape from these bloodthirsty people.

Snoop placed his hand on Anne’s neck and pushed her on 49 1/2 Pesos’s huge poster bed, “OK, 49 1/2 Pesos, buddy, forget that website and let’s get the party started!”

Anne was trembling with fright now. 49 1/2 Pesos tickled her stomach, “Cootchie-Coo, Anne, baby! Shall we play a game of hide and seek before we start the party, Snoop?”

“Aww, c’mon 49 1/2 Pesos, get on with it, sacrifice Anne right now coz we got to offer her blood to the RAP God, Desmondo Tutu, in the next 5 minutes as per my almanac! After all we’re only sacrificing a hen, 49 1/2 Pesos, don’t make a big deal about that, man” Snoop protested.

Together both men sacrificed Anne, who was a hen, that Snoop had purchased from his best friend Jay-Z’s chicken farm.

The moral of this story is that if you are rooster, you probably can’t open a Medicare supplemental website all by yourself.

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