Guaranteed Coverage Insurance Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance Plans for Individuals in Florida

Summarized View:

When you click on the application and brochure for the guaranteed issue health insurance plan you will have the impression that you will be covered by a regular individual health insurance plan.

This impression is deceptive.

Even though the literature will say over and over words like guaranteed issue health insurance and guaranteed acceptance health insurance.

Health Insurance Medicare Supplement

You should know about this affordable alternative to being "naked" in the hospital.

Many folks in Florida cannot obtain individual health insurance coverage. The fact that you cannot get accepted by a standard individual health insurance company in Florida is not an aberration. Hundreds of thousands of Florida residents are in the same situation.

An overview of guaranteed issue health insurance in Florida as well as the various coverage options that are available to you.

The folks that are in the market for guaranteed issue health insurance in Florida are those who will never be accepted to an individual health insurance plan in the state. There is absolutely no Florida health insurance option besides this low cost health insurance plan that has guaranteed acceptance for all health insurance applicants.

Why is Florida Guaranteed Health Insurance Available?

Excellent question.

For the last few years discount health care card plans were getting somewhat popular. The discount health care card plans recently have not been accepted by many doctors and hospitals even though the hospital may even appear on the provider list of the discount medical plan. The discount health care card industry is rife with fraud and empty promises. So, of course, when there is a special need in our free market economy there always seems to be an enterprising young man, woman or huge company that is more than willing to fill the void.

We have no claim forms for you to file

Your claims information will be captured by the guaranteed issue health insurance plan when you go to a PPO plan participating doctor, hospital or medical professional and show your ID card.

More on the discount health card scam

When a Health Insurance Company makes a promise to Florida health insurance policyholders that you get reimbursed for a specific dollar amount per day in the hospital, that promise is kept.

The rules and regulations of the State of Florida department of Insurance insures that the health insurance company and the health care provider will fulfill their promises.

From a marketing standpoint, sales of the Florida guaranteed issue health insurance coverage are selling like hot cakes simply because the wording of the word "insurance."

The words "discount health care card program plan " or "doctor discount card program plan", "discount medical care card program plan" or even "discount health care" do not instill confidence in the very smart Florida consumer. Florida residents want a health insurance company regulated by State of Florida to guarantee that they are not being swindled.

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