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Florida maternity insurance coverage is a very tricky matter.

We will go over the options available to you on a point by point basis. There is no special pill that you can take that will suddenly make having a baby a financially rewarding experience.

If you are now pregnant and currently have no health insurance, there is not a health insurance company in Florida that will insure you.


These tips will make your maternity experience more affordable

Read these tips here and check out my Florida Pregnancy Insurance Guide.


There is no such thing as maternity health insurance coverage by itself.

There are hospital supplements that will help pay for the hospital costs.

Simple steps to affordable maternity care for those with no health insurance.

  1. Call numerous hospitals where you are contemplating delivering the baby.
  2. Tell the hospital that you have no health insurance for maternity coverage.
  3. Request the prepaid rate for maternity care as well as the deadline for payment and exactly what is included in that maternity medical care.
  4. Many obstetricians give discounted rates for maternity care if you are pre-paid by a certain date - usually the 7th month.The rate that hospitals the general public for maternity care are highly inflated. pre-payment for maternity care will insure you that you have the lowest possible charges.

For Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach county residents an affordable HMO health insurance plan is available. Please contact me and you will have this maternity health insurance option presented to you.

PPO discount cards to control Florida maternity costs

PPO discount cards worth the paper they are written on. Just negotiate the fees directly with the hospital.

For affordable maternity charges please call the hospital and negotiate a reduced fee if you are willing to pay in advance.

Negotiating Maternity Charges in Florida

The best way to make your medical costs affordable when having a baby is to pre-pay a fixed price for the medical care that you will need. Even if you are not pregnant or if your water broke 5 minutes ago. Just about every hospital is used to the fact that many people do not have maternity health coverage. Our PPO Discount card will do this for you.

  1. There is a waiting period before the maternity health insurance takes affect. Usually you must wait 12 to 15 months before the maternity health insurance starts. In order to get full benefits from the Florida health insurance coverage you would have to first be on the health insurance plan for 12 months.
  2. Health insurance maternity riders must be taken out initially with a insurance plan. There is no adding maternity health insurance coverage and later on dropping the maternity insurance coverage. Adding and dropping can only be done with a new health insurance application.
  3. Health insurance maternity coverage as a rider is expensive and has deductibles and co-insurance requirements.Just to give you an example, a maternity health insurance rider will add an approximately $160 a month to the cost of your plan. There is a 12 month wait to become pregnant. Let's says that you don't time the pregnancy perfectly and the baby is born 2 years from the date you began the maternity health insurance coverage. Here is the numbers after paying for the maternity care rider.- An extra $3,840 on health insurance costs for the maternity coverage rider

A $500 deductible for the stay in the hospital.

The maternity plan pays 60% of maternity costs. Your share is $4000. It cost you $8,340 to have this baby with insurance.

Of course it would have been better to have baby one year and nine months after the maternity health insurance kicked in.

In short, it may be that maternity coverage just is not such a great deal. The Health Savings Account (HSA) plan can be used to put away tax advantaged savings.

Florida Maternity Insurance Riders

A maternity rider, which covers maternity costs, is sold with health insurance plans in Florida. These maternity riders are not cheap.

A maternity rider adds $100 to $300 a month to the cost of an insurance plan. The maternity health insurance coverage will be in effect after 12 months (15 months for the HMO) after the health insurance coverage begins.

The maternity coverage will become effective once 12 months have passed.

Most insurance plans will cover complications to pregnancy even if you do not have any maternity coverage as part of your healthinsurance coverage. Unless those complications would be considered pre-existing conditions and coverage can be denied. Group health insurance coverage usually covers maternity care yet individual plans usually do not cover maternity care.

When individual health policies cover maternity care certain rules must be adhered to receive the insured medical care.

  1. You cannot be pregnant when applying for maternity insurance.
  2. Having a C-section previous pregnancy prevents you from getting a maternity insurance rider.

The Local Health Department is a resource for Maternity Coverage.

Let us not forget about the local department of health. Many county health departments in Florida have subsidized affordable maternity programs and will offer complete maternity coverage at a low fee. I know personally that Orlando, Miami and Jacksonville have very popular maternity health programs. The fee is adjusted based on your income. Even if you are considered rich, the highest maternity charge may not be so expensive.

By the way, I would be more than happy to to procure health insurance in Florida for your newborn baby when the good news happens. Click Here For a Florida Health Insurance Plan Quotes

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