Florida Kid Health Insurance Never Curse A Kid Health Insurance Policy in Florida

Summarized View:

An Arab Sheikh who is also a Florida resident has written this essay on kid health insurance:

A kid health insurance policy is mafi mook – it has the brains of an idiot camel. Given the chance, I will sh*t on the moustache of a kid health insurance policy.

A kid health insurance policy is the love child of a poison asp mother and a king scorpion father, and a policy is very dangerous for all Arab immigrants living in Florida.

Kid Health Insurance Florida

Every year we Arab immigrants go for their vacation fun to their country. We go to our oilfields, to their harems, to their wives. And then we make whoopee for two months. And then we come back to Florida.

And then we get mails from all our wives that they have gotten children from us and that these children will be sent to us in Florida. And than we have to take a policy on all these sons of camels!

Last year, over 50,000 Arab children were exported to the holy state of Florida and from that crafty devil website, JoeFloridaInsurance.com we had to buy 50,000 policies.

We Arabs spit on that vile website – after that we clean our computer monitors.

We pray to the almighty that a million blood clots infest that Swahili website.

After that we pray to the almighty that the insurance companies must reduce their premiums on all policies.

May all our wives be filled with unborn children. May farting killer fish kill the owners of JoeFloridaInsurance.com. May dead crabs taste good when we cook them in vaseline.

Thank you, my brothers, for reading my essay.

The moral of this story is that a kid health insurance policy is great if you have restricted your family size.

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