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Caterina Munro was all excited – she had bagged a role in the new James Bland flick, Cassatta Royale where she had to perform heck of a lot kinky nude scenes.

Caterina was prepared for anything in life because the producers of the James Bland movie had covered all the actors with a nice small group health insurance policy.

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“Caterina, your first scene is when you meet James Bland, lust for him at first sight and both of you make out big time. Now, this is going to be filmed inside a real, boiling volcano about to erupt, so take care of yourself, and if you don’t, then don’t worry, our small group health insurance policy will take care of you.” The producers told her.

Caterina felt thankful that the producers had thought of taking a small business health insurance policy on the actors. The heat in the volcano might have damaged her sensitive skin.

“Caterina, there is another scene in the movie where you, James Bland, his boss M and the gadget guy are driving down a twisting mountain road and suddenly M remembers that it is James Bland’s happy birthday.

“So, all you guys take off all your clothes and have a party in the running car. Take care of yourself as this will be shot in real-time, and if you can’t, don’t worry, we have a small group health insurance policy that’ll take care of you.”

So thoughtful of the producers to take that self employed health insurance policy, Caterina thought.

“Caterina, then there’s this dangerous sequence where both you and James Bland are in the throes of passion on top of a flying NASA space shuttle and you suddenly lose your balance and James has to use every part of his body to stop you from falling off. He saves you, but develops a nasty, gigantic hernia problem and has to be hospitalized. The same thing that I said about a policy goes here too.”

Caterina was thankful that she was covered by a policy.

That was how a small group health insurance policy “pleasured” Caterina? How about you?

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