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Finally, you are going to move out of your mommy’s house and to your own home. It’s a local move, just a few blocks away so mommy can still do your laundry, but a move nonetheless. You happen to have a lot of large furniture items and can’t move them yourself, so what do you do? You hire local movers to come out and move your stuff for you.

For a nominal fee, local movers will come out in trucks and vans and move your items to your new home. This is a professional service so they are quick and timely and can get things done when you can’t. For instance, could you move your couch by yourself, or with your mom helping? Even if you could, do you have a vehicle that could move something that large? I doubt you do. But, for hypothetical purposes, let’s imagine you do. The vehicle probably fits the couch, maybe some small stuff, but that’s all. So you’re looking at several trips. Moreover you have to load and unload that stuff yourself, which is painful to simply think about.

Alright enough about your incompetence, let’s talk local movers. You want to hire the best company, so what are you looking for exactly?

Licensing: Make sure the company is properly licensed with your states DOT (department of transportation).

Better Business Bureau: Businesses should be members because of the importance of the BBB, take a look at the BBB website and find out.

Local License: Perhaps your state requires more than one license, if so do some research and find out what this company should have.

Huge, Bulky Items: Items like Jacuzzis, pianos, and other bulky items need special handling. Make sure the local company has services for such things.

Charges: There are fees for going up stairs, and how far the movers have to go from truck to home, take these into consideration when finding a local moving company.

Truck Size: Make sure the truck size is large enough to accommodate at least the majority of your stuff.

Storage: If you need storage at a special facility make sure it’s a good one; IE climate controlled, and have a look at it before you send your stuff.

Knowing these few tips will help the move along greatly. But how do you find one in the first place? Well that’s easy. Head over to a personal computer (PC) and do a quick search for local movers on a search engine. The results populated should be numerous and you should have no problem finding one for you. In fact, there are usually services that will quote several companies at once, helping you get the best deal. Of course, this might only include the big name companies, but it’s a fine service nonetheless. There’s a reason the big companies are big, they clearly do a good job.

If that doesn’t help, then searching your yellow pages or information hotline should do the job. There are definitely local movers in your area and, especially in these times, they’ll be looking to do business with you.

Remember the keys to finding the best local movers you can. The licensing in your state, the affiliation with the Better Business Bureau, any other local licenses, the fees for moving large, bulky items, additional charges for stairs and distances, and of course additional storage facilities. These few tips should be plenty to help you find the local movers that are right for you, or for anyone. Remember, the alternative is doing it yourself. This means injury to yourself and damage to your furniture. The choice is clear.

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