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Summarized View:

“General Pat Ton, some nogoodink has stolen my daughter Barbara’handbag and cell phone in Florida. Get your troops ready to invade Florida and equip them with enough fart sacks.

“But, first, arrange to get Barbara a Jacksonville long term care policy. On the double, general!”

Cheap Health Long Insurance In Florida

President George Brush snapped the commandedto his favorite General after hearing that his daughter’belongings were stolen in Florida.

“Aye, aye, sir! But why do you want Barbara to buy a Jacksonville long term care policy, sir? Isn’t she young for that?” General Pat Ton responded.

“That girl can’t look after herself now, what will she do when she gets old, some 70 years from now, General!

“Get her a Jacksonville long term care policy pronto and make it a standard operating procedure for all army men to buy a Florida long term care policy each from my favorite site,

“On the move, General Pat Ton! No ten-hutting now!”

“How many grunts shall I send to invade Florida, sir? How many Jacksonville Florida long term care policies shall I buy for Barbara, sir?”

“Send about 10,000 grunts, general. Equip them with tons of hazardous material and enough tighty-whites. Make sure all of them have a Florida long term care policy each,just in case the Florida residents decide to employ guerilla tactics.

“Okay, now I’ve gotta call Prime Minister Tony Bear and talk to him about the virtues of a long term care policy. So, Hooah, General, Hooah, get FIDOing*and no SNAFUS**!”

“Hooah, President Brush, Hooah! I’ll un-ass the Florida residents”

General Pat Ton went out to brief his boys. Before that he bought a long term care policy for Barbara.

See, a Jacksonville Florida long term care policy has the potential to start or end a conflict!

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