Low Cost Florida Health InsuranceThe Larry Kang Insurance Competition

Summarized View:

Mel Gabson, Dick Chinney and Ophra Losefree were taking part in a late-night insurance competition organized by our site, JoeFloridaInsurance.com.

The show host was Larry Kang.

What’s six inches long, 2 inches wide and drives women mad?

Hmos In Florida On Low Cost

Mel Gabson: It’s a hot dog not made by a Jew

Dick Chinney: It’s a low cost health insurance policy all rolled up.

Ophra Losefree: It’s a currency note.

Larry Kang: What does the number 69 mean to you?

Mel Gabson: That’s the number of court cases I faced after I made the anti-Jew remarks.

Dick Chinney: It’s the average premium you pay on a low cost health insurance policy if you buy it from JoeFloridaInsurance.com.

Ophra Losefree: It’s number that’s divisible by 3.

Larry Kang: If you’re necking with one woman and another woman walks in, how many women are there in the room?

Mel Gabson: If they’re Jews, then there’ll be two. Otherwise it’ll be a nosey-parker discount health insurance saleswoman.

Dick Chinney: Don’t know about the women, but you should be reaching out for your cheap health insurance policy.

Ophra Losefree: None. Both of them will walk out on the man.

Larry Kang: What did the hurricane say to the coconut tree?

Mel Gabson: Watch out, that Jewish woodcutter is going to cut you down.

Dick Chinney: You better get yourself an affordable policy, my friend.

Ophra Losefree: Hold on to your nuts.

Larry Kang: What’s hard and stiff when it goes in and soft and wet when it comes out?

Mel Gabson: A Jewish waiter working in a Pizza Hat kitchen.

Dick Chinney: A hmo policy all rolled up and dipped in a bowl of warm water.

Ophra Losefree: A chewing gum.

Larry Kang: OK, I’ve just been told that the winner of this contest is Mr. Dick Chinney! He gets a free policy from our sponsor! All clap for him!

The moral of this TV show is that not everyone can win a low cost health insurance .

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