Florida Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)Florida HMO Insurance Plans - Information and Quotes

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Florida HMO health insurance plans are available in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. HMO health insurance plans include dental and vision coverage as well as optional maternity insurance coverage.

In South Florida HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plans are a very popular option in South Florida but unfortunately the HMO insurance is simply not available in other parts of Florida. The health insurance companies could not build substantive physician networks in the counties outside southeast Florida. Therefore, HMO health insurance coverage is limited to Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Palm Beach area.

Maternity Insurance Coverage In Florida

Florida HMO health insurance versus PPO health insurance plans: What is the difference?

1. Florida HMO members are restricted to certain doctors and hospitals. Medical care outside the HMO network of doctors is not permitted (life and death emergencies are the exception).

2. Florida HMO members must use a Primary Care Physician (PCP) as the doctor that you will see for all of your medical needs. The Primary Care Physician will refer you to a medical specialist if required. A pediatrician will be child's Primary Care Physician. As well, one gynecologist visit per year is permitted without a referral.

3. Florida HMO health plan networks are limited in comparison to the networks found in California, New York or Texas HMO plans. Out of network HMO medical care requires a "life or death" emergency and the HMO insurance company will probably not pay your medical bill if you go to an out of network doctor and it is not "life or death."

4. The Florida HMO requires that you co-pay for a doctor office visit. The co-pay will cover all medical expenses for that visit.

For example, a $20 co-pay will pay for all tests and office based procedures. There are usually no hidden charges in a Florida HMO health insurance plan.

5. The Florida HMO plans usually include a dental HMO plan as well as vision care.

6. Emergency room visits are covered with a single co-pay.

7. Well-care checkups are covered by the Florida HMO. The office visit co-pay is all that is required.

8. The Florida HMO health insurance plan is a co-pay system. There are no deductibles. However, there are HMO health plans that offer various basket of benefits in which there are higher co-pays for lower premiums.

By definition, the HMO health plan is designed to keep costs down by managing your health care expenses so there is no great need for the HMO health insurance company to have high co-pays and deductibles to lower your health care expenses. an HMO is managed care and the health insurance company really is managing your health care!

Florida HMO plans are available in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Many doctors are available especially in Miami-Dade and Broward. Palm Beach less so. Martin and St. Lucie counties do have HMO health insurance plans available but the physician networks are very small.

Florida HMO health insurance plans are an relatively affordable alternative for comprehensive health care for many folks who are looking for cheap HMO health insurance. Regardless, my health insurance agents throughout Florida would be more than happy to service you with a smile. Please contact me and a Florida insurance health insurance agent will be in contact with you within 60 minutes.

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