Managing Your International Move

Summarized View:

An international move can be a huge ordeal. This means that managing your international move is a huge ordeal as well. There are so many things you need to do and to get done, it can be very time consuming and pressuring. You should get a lot of the stuff out of the way at least a month before your move, that is the first step. The process begins early, you know you are moving, so why shouldn’t it?

You should start your international move at least a month before you expect to get out of the country. In this time you should get all the items you need to package your stuff. This means boxes, duct tape, rope, etc. After that make sure you have your budget planned out, how much to pay for movers etc. Then, make the necessary arrangements with airlines and cars so that when you get to your destination it goes as smooth as possible. Then, call the moving company that you found will give you the best price, and set up a date for them to come (next month). Next, be sure to have your rental or purchasing deals sealed so that your move is official. This is a no-brainer but necessary. Then, make sure all the people who mail you have your new address. This can range from family and friends to banks and insurance companies. Moving expenses are tax deductible, so save your receipts! Then, if you need to, try to get maps of your new neighborhood so you are not so foreign.

Then, just weeks before your move make any other arrangements you need to. For instance, let trash pick know you are gone. Then, confirm your travel reservations. Then, of course, transfer your bank account. If you cannot transfer, then just close it.

The day before your move, things are getting hectic, here are some things you should be doing. Get all your boxes ready – the ones you made up when you got your materials ready a month ago. Get your rental truck if you have ordered one. If not, then have all your items at the ready for the international moving service you have hired.

Once those things are complete you’re ready to travel! Before you know it you’ll be in your new home, but what then? Well, luckily, you’ve become familiar with the area so your goal is to get a better feel for the whole city. So take a trip around town and find things like the fire department or police department. Then do things like find a new doctor, etc. After that, go ahead and just relax. You’ve spent a lot of time at this point getting familiar with the town and services it provides, you deserve a break.

When all is said and done, unpack and clean your house – make it feel like home. Moving can be a stressful time so if you’ve moved with family members or pets make sure they’re settling down and not losing it. Best case scenario, everyone is ok and the move was completely successful. If you’re human then you’ll probably encounter a hiccup or two, but that’s expected, so don’t let it stress you out.

Overall, moving is a difficult process. Ideally you should have it planned months in advance, for minimal stress. But some people prefer to just up and leave and never tell anyone or anything. When that happens a lot more people get stressed, from neighbors, to banks, to even sanitation services. So if you plan on moving you, especially internationally, you should plan it accordingly.

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