Florida Medicare HMOFlorida Medicare HMO May Be What The Doctor Ordered!

Summarized View:

There are numerous Medicare HMOs who want you to join their plan.

Generally when a Florida resident turns 65 years old there are dozens of pieces of literature coming to your mailbox explaining why a particular plan is best.

The Medicare Supplement companies will be doing the solicitations as well but the Florida Medicare HMOs are putting a seemingly superhuman effort to convince you to try their Medicare HMO.

Maternity Insurance Coverage In Florida

Why are you so wanted? .

We will cut to the hard economic facts.

The HMO is getting a specific amount of money per member per month from the federal government for each member on their plan.

The current government payment formula pays the same amount of money to the HMO company whether the member is 92 years old or a healthy 65 years old.

Obviously, on average, the 65 year old will earn a relative fortune for the HMO.

Whatever the Medicare HMO is spending on advertising, brochures and marketing is a drop in the bucket compared to medically treating a 92 year old.

What is the difference between the various Florida Medicare HMO plans?

Folks, to be honest, not so much – and a great deal.

Keep in mind that the each and every Medicare HMO in Floridais getting an identical amount of money from the federal government for having you as a member.

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