Florida Health Insurance Open EnrollmentFlorida Health Insurance Open Enrollment Is Not A Scam

Summarized View:

“Snoop, get Jay-Z a Florida Health Insurance Open Enrollment form online, make him change his health options and once that’s done, we’ll steal one of his kidneys!” 49 1/2 Pesos ordered Puppy Boy. He was in his usual prank-playing mood today.

“Woo, man, that sure sounds like fun. I’ll get him a Florida Health Insurance Open Enrollment form now, but how do we steal his kidneys?” Snoop excitedly said. He liked 49 1/2 Pesos’s creative prank ideas.

Supplement Insurance Enrollment

“Once he fills in a new Florida Health Insurance Open Enrollment, his ars* is ours’! We’ll get a hottie babe from our music albums to take him to a motel. There she’ll spike his drinks. Once he passes out we’ll enter and incise his back, steal one kidney and put in a vacuumed plastic bag. And then we’ll cover up the wound and present his kidney to him on his happy birthday!” 49 1/2 Pesos said. He sure had a plan in mind.

“What a diabolical mind you’ve got, 49 1/2 Pesos! Can we then rip off his ATM cards and alter his fingerprints too using the same scalpel? But there’s one hitch, the Florida Health Insurance Open Enrollment form wont have any provisions for these!” Snoop contributed.

“Heck, what brilliant pranks! Ripping off ATM cards and altering fingerprints! Snoop you’re a genius! OK, ditch that Florida Health Insurance Open Enrollment form and get Jay-Z on the line and let’s start da work!” 49 1/2 Pesos, the diabolical man, announced.

We don’t know what happened after that; only thing we know is Jay-Z didn’t fill up any Florida Health Insurance Open Enrollment form.

The moral of this story is that you need to fill up a Florida Health Insurance Open Enrollment form even if your kidneys are in perfect working condition.

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Y’know, we can advise you on your Florida Health Insurance Open Enrollment because we are networked with the best Florida health insurance companies in the business.

Go ahead; take a Florida Health Insurance Open Enrollment from us; and watch your kidneys!

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