Health Insurance Company In FloridaA Health Insurance Company In Florida Puts A Spell On You

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Fae Earthmother was an insurance saleswoman working for a health insurance company. In fact, she was the highest ranked salesperson in her health insurance company in Florida.

No one knew how Fae succeeded in selling so many policies.

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But we knew how Fae succeeded in selling so many Florida insurance policies: Fae was a witch, and she used to hypnotize her clients into buying an insurance policy from her health insurance company in Florida.

This was her modus operandi:

“Eat this cactus flower pickle, my client, and you will find that the pickle tastes not bitter, but sweet. Just like my health insurance company in Florida is not expensive, but affordable. Suck the heavenly juices of the cactus flower my master and your heart will warm and your face sparkle.”

The unsuspecting client would eat the cactus flower not knowing that Fae had figured out a way to cultivate a hybrid cactus that had its roots in cocoa, olive and marijuana plants.

After eating the cactus flower, the client would feel amazed and start developing an affinity towards Fae’s company in Florida.

“Now feel your love for my health insurance company in Florida and get the message of love, of joy, of hope as I delicately rub your chest with this heavenly scented and extraordinarily powerful banana oil.”

The client would now lie down and enjoy himself. He would now start liking Fae’s company in Florida and thank his mandalas that he had met such a salesperson.

Of course, Fae used this type of witchcraft only on her male customers.

“Now focus on me as I go naked, my client, look at me, I have no worldly possessions, except this insurance policy in my hand that is waiting for your signature. Rise, my client and fulfill the wishes of my insurance company.”

The client would rise from all places and proceed to sign the insurance papers and do other things that are mentioned in witchcraft rituals.

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Why do you want to get entangled with freaky salespersons who might do crazy stuff to you? Suppose Fae carried a chicken flu virus; would you like that coming on to you, huh?

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