Health Insurance Plan In FloridaHealth Insurance Plan In Florida Fights Idiocy

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“Waiter, firstly get us two tablespoons each of uncooked olive oil and fish oil, then we’ll tell you what to get us next.” Paris Hillstorm told the waiter at the Buddakan, a swanky Florida eatery.

She was dining out with her best buddy Britney Swords.

Cheap Health Insurance Plan In Florida

Both had heard that breast cancer was on the rise and that had developed a fear psychosis which led them to buy a million-dollar health insurance plan in Florida each from our site,

“Paris, what a smart eater you are, baby. Come let me massage the lymph nodes located in your underarms just in case you develop breast cancer in this hotel, baby. Of course, our new health insurance plan will pay the bills, but let’s take preventive measures, sweetie tootie frootie.”

“OK, Britney, you massage the lymph nodes in my underarms and I’ll massage the lymph nodes in your underarms, my baby. HEY WORLD, WE’VE BOUGHT A MILLION DOLLAR INSURANCE PLAN AND WE’RE ABOUT TO MASSAGE EACH OTHERS’ UNDERARMS!” Paris got up and screamed out loud, her face flushed with excitement.

Both Britney and Paris arose and started massaging each other’s underarms across the dining table. They should have registered for an IQ test instead of buying a health insurance in Florida. The waiter arrived with the tablespoons of olive and fish oil.

“Okay, Britney, toots, we’ll order a sizzler each and then resume our underarm massaging. The heat from the sizzler will make our chest sweat and that’s another good preventive care for breast cancer.” Paris told Britney.

“Paris, babe, sometimes I wish I had your brains! You’re oh-so-brainy” Britney replied.

After a few minutes both the ladies were standing over the steaming sizzlers massaging each other’s underarms with olive and fish oil. The restaurant’s customers couldn’t take in this disgusting sight anymore and all of them left without paying their bills.

The moral of this story is that though a hmo insurance plan in is great stuff, all restaurants may not be making huge profits.

So, do you want to lay your hands on affordable health plan ?

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Go ahead; fight idiocy, buy plan!

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