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Russell Crow was an actor and a loud head banging singer who lived in Miami.

He led a risky, reckless and violent life.

Though he was a violent guy, he had bought himself a nice little Miami insurance policy that covered many ailments and prescription drugs.

He was giving an interview to Miami’s leading newspaper, Miami Vice.

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Q. Mr. Crow, can you tell us where you buy your Miami insurance?

A.That’s easy. I pick up my Miami insurance from

Q. Once you compared Sharon Stoned to an Orangutan because of her plastic surgery fetish. Correct?

A. No. False. Wrong. That’s a lie. I just said that Sharon has a great Miami insurance policy that can even cover plastic surgery. Then I compared her to a naked mole-rat, the ugliest animal ever. Why should I speak unkindly of orangutans, I love them!

Q. You have launched a scathing attack on Sonny Music because they are not marketing your album. True?

A. Yea, those jerks don’t know a good deal when they see one! Listen to this stanza from a hit number from the album: The Maori-English song’s called Dummied Palau Miami Insurance, and this cool stanza goes like this:

Ääni tuulen,
varjot puiden,

Yksinäni uneksin,
Maori Nuns,

Öinen rauha,
no pain, no gain,

Lens in, get a @#$%
without Miami Insurance.

Q. Umm, sounds good. Last question: Why did you bang the Miami hotel receptionist’s head with a telephone?

A.That dude was abusing his Miami insurance policy, that’s why! He told me he hadn’t paid his Miami insurance policy premiums on time and that kind of enraged me. But, it’s okay now, the Miami insurance policy is paying his medical bills and I expect him to come out of coma after around a year or so.

This is the kind of fan following that a Miami insurance policy commands in celebrity circles.

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