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Star Joness was a crazy starlet who always believed that, to be a celebrity, you gotta do crazy stuff. Star had to do something to stay in the news.

Star bought herself a Miami Dental Insurance Policy from us at, and she was ready to execute her "get famous plan:"

Miami Dental Insurance

She was going to eat crazy stuff and fall sick and get herself in a hospital and her agent would then call the media and get her name plastered in all the newspapers.

She knew that eating crazy stuff may give her bad breath and that's why she bought a Miami Dental Insurance policy.

What she did that night is chronicled in these dialogues she had with her dentist the next morning, when she woke up on the dental chair.

"Good morning Star, we found you in an alley and you seem to have a severe Dental problem.

Open your mouth please." The doctor said.

"Wait a minute you creep! How the carkfum do you know my name?" Star demanded.

"We checked your insurance in Miami papers in your handbag, Star. Now please open your mouth."

Star opened her mouth, and a gust of "expletive deleted" bad breath entered the dentist's nose.

The good doctor persevered.

"Hmm, a lot of food is stuck in your teeth.

you're covered by an insurance policy." The dentist commented.

"Yeah, I'm #$%^ing glad too that I'm covered by an insurance policy.

Last night I had crow dumplings covered in chocolate sauce and kangaroo sausage soup. You may be #$%^ingright."

"Hmmm I see, (yucka-yuck).

Boy, I'm glad you have a dental insurance policy."

"Those were the starters: Then I had an omelet covered with shrimp's blood and some chicken lard mixed with catsup.Then for dessert I had a fahrbot tuna and oyster ice cream. After that I don't know what happened, but my Miami dental insurance policy brought me here!"

The twin effect of the bad breath and the disgusting food that Star indulged in, hit the dentist where it hurt the most. He passed out sputtering puke. He too was covered by a Miami dental insurance policy.

That's how a Miami dental insurance policy helped out Star and her dentist.

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