Understanding the Different Types of Moves

Summarized View:

Before you begin your big move to a new location, you need to have a basic understanding of the different types of moves. There are multiple types of moving companies as well as different types of moves to understand. Below, you’ll find each of the 3 types of moving companies, and the 3 types of moves.

The first type of moving company is the “do it yourself” moving company. As the name suggests, you do everything yourself from packing to loading a truck you’ve rented to driving it to your new home and unpacking everything. The only thing the company does for you is provides you with a moving truck so you don’t have to make multiple trips of loading your vehicle up with boxes. To understand the different types of moves, you should know not just what they do, but why you might want to pick them. What’s the appeal of each? The biggest appeal for do it yourself moving is the price. Being that you do everything yourself and only need to rent a truck, it’s very affordable to go this route if you have the time and/or people to help you pack and unpack, load and unload.

The second type is the opposite of do it yourself. “Full service” moving companies do everything for you. They take care of every aspect of your move from packing everything for you (including making notations on the boxes what room in the new home each box of items belongs in) to loading and unloading the truck, from planning the most time efficient route to the new location to helping unpack the boxes in the rooms they belong in. This is really the ideal way to move, if you can afford it. Having the company do so much work drives up your price but in the end can make your move easier.

The final type of moving company is a combination of the first two, it’s called a “self service” moving company. Here, you share the work with the moving company. You do all the packing and unpacking, you’ll probably also end up doing most of the loading on and off the truck (though they’ll likely help to make the process move faster), and they’ll have a professional driver bring the truck with all your possessions to the new address. This type of moving company is helpful with their driving skills while allowing you to be more hands on with how the items are packed and labeled.

Along with understanding the differing types of moving companies, you need to understand the different types of moves. There are (again) three. In this case, they aren’t things you get to chose so much as things you are. The first type of move to understand is Intrastate moving. Whether you’re moving to a house just up the road, going to a new city, or making the journey from one end of end of the state to the other (or in the case of Michigan, one peninsula to the other), if you’re staying within the same state’s borders you’re making an Intrastate move.

A similar sounding (though very different) type of move to understand is Interstate moving. This is a common form of moving where you stay within the same country, but move to another state. A would-be actor moving from Montana to Los Angeles is an example of an Interstate move, and it’s the most common of the three types.

And the final type of move to understand is Overseas moving or International moving. The second name given is more commonly used especially since many International moves involve crossing land borders rather than great bodies of water. Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of moves and moving companies, you can figure out what kind of move you’re making and what kind of moving company you want to utilize. This will make your move faster and more hassle free.

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