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“Olla, Beyonse Bowles, you tansie-fansie. You’re gonna play my lover in a new flicky-dicky, Sipping The Velvet. We better get ourselves some life Naples life insurance from JoeFlorida ,just in case something nasty happens on the set.” Longhornia told Beyonse over the phone.

“Hey, tattoo queen, Longhornia, we’re acting together! Holey Titqattek! That means there’ll be loads of tongue-wrestling scenes! Gawd! You’re right, we need a strong life insurance policy each just in case we get carried away on the sets and indulge in some fierce rumpy-rumpy!”

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“Yeah, last night the infamous bog-queen Stella, died in a small Miami bog attempting a quartereen there! She didn't have no Naples insurance quote and now there’s no one to look after her kinky, fantabulousa dogs! Gawd, what tragedy!”

“You’re right, Longhornia, even if we get too excited on the sets doing the ponging popo scenes, we should ensure that we have a life insurance policy each! Goshy-Boshy, I’m thinking this is more like horror movie than same-love flick, Longy!”

“You’re right, Beyonse! Not only do you have a curvy Potchar hooney, you also have a sharp mind. To top everything, most of the scenes have lots of octopus moves and we’ll surely get carried away. Let’s take a Naples life insurance policy faster than any Omi-Paloni gets to it!”

“Yeah, you nominate me in your Naples policy and I’ll nominate you in my Insurance policy. And if we both die, then the omanko’s in the fire!”
“Okie dokie, you raunchy girl!”

That’s how we helped Beyonse and Longhornia buy a life insurance policy and overcome their unnecessary fears.

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