Organizing Your Office Move

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Organizing your office move takes a lot of patience, work, and organization. It can be a much more difficult matter than you might at first suspect to up and move an office of numerous employees and furniture across the building, or the city, or state, or country. However, it can be done!

When organizing your office move, it’s best to remember the old adage “time is money”. The longer your office is shut down during the move, the longer it goes without making money. Your goal is to organize your office move in such a manner that it can be up and running again at its new location in as short a period of time as possible. Many companies have a “moving guide” that outlines exact steps that your corporation would like to have happen during the organizing of your office move. If your company does have this valuable piece of literature, consider yourself blessed (if not lucky) and follow the manual as if it were the bible on organizing your office move! If you don’t have such a guide available, fear not! This article will give you some great tips to follow when organizing your office move.

Planning ahead is what’s going to save you a giant headache as you organize your office move. You should start planning the move at least three months before the move actually happens. If you wait until only a week or so before the move to start organizing your office move, you’ll become very stressed out very quickly (especially if something should go wrong). During this planning period, you’ll want to make sure you have your moving company in place, know the area your moving into, and make arrangements for all the essentials (electricity, phone, internet, water, etc.) are operational before the move occurs. This will require that you make a lot of phone calls to all the key people and do a lot of visiting to the new office space.

Get a blueprint of the new office space. Make sure it shows every room in the new space and has exact dimensions of each room. While organizing your office move, this information will come in handy as you decide how much stuff you can bring in the move as well as how to organize it. You’ll also want to get (or make) unofficial blueprints that are the size of either legal or letter paper. On this smaller version, you’ll be labeling areas in the new office to show the movers where everything will be set up. You’ll also be giving copies of this to each and every one of the employees that will be moving so they know where their new work area will be so they can find it and set up quickly and efficiently.

Since you’re moving to a new location, you need to make sure everyone knows it! One step in the process of organizing your office move should be getting new business card, letterhead, updating the company website, updating your contact info with the phonebook, and getting change of address mailers. These should all have the new address clearly listed (and new phone number if that’s changing as well) so that all potential customers know your new location. You don’t want to lose business for something as silly as having the customers unable to find you!

Make sure that all the employees take care of packing all their personal effects and moving them to the new location themselves. Moving companies will not be held responsible for personal items being lost during an office move. Other things that should be taken care of before the move is shredding all unneeded documents, throwing away as much trash as possible (you can get an industrial sized dumpster for this very purpose), and making sure the techies are ready to set up the server and computer system as soon as you are in your new location.

When organizing your office move, you might consider scheduling it for either a Thursday or a Friday. That way, the weekend (when the office is closed anyway) can be utilized for setting up the office so you can get back to work (and making money) early Monday morning.

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