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Kate Chiclet decided that from now onwards she would do nude scenes provided they show off her fat because she felt that most real women have some fat on them and if she was going to take off all her clothes on screen, then her fat had to show.

Of course, Kate also knew that all real women take a health insurance quote too, and she was determined to get health insurance quote in her dialogues.

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A month later, Kate was offered to do a film, Little Dildren, which had tones of nude scenes. Kate was happy: Now she could show off her fat, imperfect body and do some small talk about insurance in Florida in her dialogues.

Kate’s hero was the brilliant, but sensitive and thin actor, Hugh Granted.

“I hope you’ve taken an insurance quote, Hugh.” Kate told Hugh as both of them got down to act out a passionate, steamy sequence.

“Why should I have taken a health insurance quote in Florida, Kate? Don’t talk strange!”

“You must know Hugh, that I just swallowed some beef tallow before this scene and I think all the cholesterol and saturated fats have gone to my thighs, Hugh. I feel them rubbing against each other. But fat thighs are normal for an average American woman, Hugh.

“You should also know that I consumed yeast and gelatin and I’m afraid it’s making my tum-tum jut out profoundly and my underarms are feeling a little bit greasy. That’s why I asked you if you had taken a Florida health insurance quote.

“Okay, this scene requires me to sit on your tummy, Hugh. I’m plonking my 80-kg fatness on your tender intestine cover, baby, here I come.”

Hugh passed out of “disgust” and a flattened stomach. Kate didn’t know, but Hugh had taken a health insurance policy, and yet he hadn’t bought a policy. Kate’s weight was going to cost him a bit.

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