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Jay-Zee and Puppy Boyy were standing on top of a hill; they were about to paraglide. Both were not covered by a health insurance policy in Palm Beach or anywhere else for that matter.

“Boo-yaa bummer, gangsta get ready to jump. Yo! Dude! Ya have health insurance in Palm Beach, I don’t. Never believed in an affordable health insurance policy's anywayz. Nuff said.” Jay-Zee said to Snoopy.

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“Aw shucks, this paragliding session don’t need no twizzy health insurance policy in Palm Beach, Jay. Don’t get me any more neurotic, ya b*tch.” Snoopy replied lifting the bazooka in his hand.

“Chill, brother man, no need to blow your nappy. Ok, we don’t need no health insurance policy in Palm Beach. Let’sfly, bro!”

Both men took off from the mountain and were flying inside the ozone layer, not worried about not being covered by a health insurance policy. After 20 minutes or so, Jay-Zee spoke:

“Hey, Snoop, what’s that huge subliminal animal doing down there?”

“I give a hardcore hecka about what it’s doing, jay. Maybe it’s preying on some small crunky dinosaurs! Ha, ha!”

“Hey, man, Snoopy, you’re right, that big animal is preying on small dinosaurs! HECK! It’s a blood sipping T-Rex, Snoopy! We’re about to land on its back! HELP SOMEONE!”

“Aw sh*t, Jay, I guess it’s time to say “Good bye World”. Didn’t I tell ya a frigid insurance policy would have done us no good!”

Both the rappers landed on the T-Rex’s back, who proceeded to trample them, claw them and eat them using crow’s blood as sauce.

Both rappers shouldn’t have gone paragliding in Jurassic Park.

Instead of that they could have stayed in their city and bought a health insurance policy each in Palm Beach.

The moral of this story is that even if dinosaurs don’t exist, you do need a health insurance policy.

So, if you want to lay your hands on a health insurance policy, what are you waiting for?

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