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Pamela Underson was glowing from top to bottom and grinning from ear to ear. She had not renewed her Pensacola health insurance plan; she felt she didn’t need it any more because she was going to go on North Cliff diet, a diet that promised her no-health problems and a chance of immortality.

We at JoeFlorida wanted to advise Pamela that though she could go on the North Cliff diet, she could also renew her Pensacola health insurance plan, because you never know when you need health care. But we thought it best to keep our gobs shut and watch Pamela from the sidelines.

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Now this North Cliff diet involves taking low-carbs and high fats because their theory says that high carbs produces more insulin to a point that you get Type 3 diabetes. Pamela wasn’t worried about that, she had Type 1 diabetes and Aktin’s was going to fix that too!

Pamela was a vegan and we wanted to tell her that North Cliff diet was rough on vegans and it was advisable to renew her health insurance plan in Pensacola, but we kept quiet because we were a website and we couldn’t talk as we didn’t have a mouth.

On the first and second days of the North Cliff diet, Pamela ate Chlada Fakya, a crazy African vegan dish, with banana bread smothered with loads of butter and cheese for those extra proteins. She was feeling so good that she felt happy for not renewing her health insurance plan.

On the second, third and fourth days, Pamela mixed bird seed in milk and melted butter and drank the concoction for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert and she felt happy for not renewing her insurance plan in Pensacola.

On the fifth and sixth day Pamela feasted on Red-Indian dishes: Wild rice, Calabacitas, Wild sage bread and Wild chili stew with lotsa butter, milk and cheese and she felt happy for not renewing her plan.

On the seventh day, Pamela rested in the hospital after the surgeons had cleaned her intestines and washed them with soap and she didn’t feel happy for not renewing her plan.

See, we told you that renewing the health insurance with her Pensacola broker was the correct thing to do! Sure, you’re not going on an Aktin’s diet, but that doesn’t mean you don’t buy our insurance plan! Our website is networked with quality companies who are eagerly waiting to offer you affordable quotes.Go ahead and take one, it’s food for your soul.

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