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“You and me, Naomi, we both need to start a company and cover ourselves with a cool affordable group health insurance policy. It will save us money and it will look after our anorexia hospital bills.” Nicole Rishy wisely commented to Naomi Camper, her best friend and companion.

“Anorexia! I'm not anorexic, you insane tigon! You're the one who looks anorexic, Nicole. You're the one who needs to start a company and get an affordable group health insurance policy. Not me, you British swine!” Naomi barked at her best friend Nicole.

Health Insurance Florida Premiums

“Don't feel bad, Naomi, but I've seen symptoms of anorexia in you today, honey. I strongly feel we need to start a business and save on our insurance premiums by taking a affordable group health insurance policy.”

“You and your affordable group insurancepolicy! OK, tell me what makes you think I'm anorexic, Nicole?”

“Naomi, you are oh-so-full of anorexic symptoms, honey! Today, before your catwalk you appeared anxious, that's a symptom; Then when you were doing power weight training at the gym, I noticed you were short of breath, that's symptom number 2; Now you are refusing to share this 5-lb cheeseburger with me, refusing to eat is symptom number 3. Trust me Naomi, both of us need an affordable small group health insurance policy.”

“Hmm, there is truth in what you say, Nicole.”

“Yes Naomi, we need to act fast and set up a company and buy an affordable insurance policy. Because if we don't, then we both will develop shrunken bones, mineral loss, low body temperature, irregular heartbeat, permanent failure of normal growth, osteoporosis and bulimia nervosa. Plus, we'll have to take laxatives all our lives!”

“God, Nicole, now you've put the fear of God in me! Come, let's set up a company quick and cover ourselves with an affordable health insurance policy!”

Both ladies went to meet their CPA in order to kickstart their company.

The moral of this story is an affordable policy is a great way to save medical card costs, especially if you're not working in Nicole and Naomi's company.

So, do you want to buy an affordable policy?, is net- worked with the best companies and when you deal with us you are assured a super affordable policy and respective rate.

Go ahead; take an affordable policy; we promise you anorexic premiums!

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