Jacksonville Florida Life InsuranceJacksonville Florida Life Insurance Won’t Get Your Goat

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“Britney, Honey,” Paris Hiltop said as soon as her friend picked up the phone. “You have to help me get me a Jacksonville Florida Life Insurance Policy right now before the goats kill me!”

“Goats? What do goat have to do with Jacksonville life insurance Paris, get a grip on yourself, Lamb! I can understand that you need Life Insurance, but I don't understand the bit about the goats.”

“Can you explain better, princess?”

Medicare Gap Insurance Plans

“And look what the goats have done!” Paris sobbed.

“Britney Honey, my lawn needed cutting and the gardeners were too expensive,” Paris sobbed into the phone. “So I bought myself a herd of goats so that they could eat the extra leaves and keep the backyard clean

“They've had blackleg, bloat, bottlejaw, foot-in-mouth, floppy kid, foot-rot, pink-eye, white-muscle and three different kinds of mange. And they also get colic and bleat the whole night. I've had to take on three night jobs just to pay the vet. And I never get any sleep!

“I’m going to die, Britney!” Paris sobbed into the phone. “I just know I am.”

“Oh, Paris honey,” Britney said as she cluched the phone. “Oh, Honey! What can I do?”

“Before I die,” Paris told her, “There's just one thing I want to do. I will buy a Life Insurance in Jacksonville policy and leave everything to you, Honey!”

“Oh, really! Then in that case just hop over to your PC and open up Naaip and buy a life insurance policy pronto, baby.

“Remember, my whole name is B-R-I-T-N-E-Y S-W-O-R-D-S.”

“Did you get it right, Dear?” Britany asked.

“Yes, I've got the whole thing written down just in case. Oh, Honey. I jsut know we will meet in heaven.”

“Enjoy my Life Insurance Quote nomination while the wild goats bleat me to death!”

“Bye, Britney, I'll always remember you, my dearest friend.” Paris put the phone down with a sigh.

While goats might not be killing you don’t take that as an excuse not to buy a life insurance in Jacksonville!

In fact, a good policy will set your mind at rest no matter what your problems are!

Want the best a life insurance policy deal in Florida?

Y’know we are networked with the best life insurance companies and when you deal with us we are going to find the one that suits you best.

Go ahead; buy a Jacksonvillian life insurance policy; it won’t get your goat!

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