Why You Should Write Moving Company Reviews

Summarized View:

You just made a move and used a moving company that was absolutely terrible! They were late, they were careless with your belongings, and when you tried to file a claim about them damaging your favorite antique rocking horse they gave you all kinds of hassle. Or maybe you just experienced the single greatest moving company ever to exist! They were on time and well groomed, they answered any and all questions you asked (even double checking to make sure you understood everything that was going on and even asked you some questions of their own), they worked fast while still treating all your stuff with care, and they made excellent time while moving you from Salt Lake City to over to Nashville. Write a review! Whenever you use a moving company, you should write a review about the experience you had. Why? Well, keep reading and you’ll learn why you should write moving company reviews.

Wouldn’t your choice in picking a moving company to use have been made so much simpler if you could have read an online review of the company(s) you were considering? That’s why you should write moving company reviews! Chances are, there are many other people out there in the same boat as you. They’re about to make a big move but don’t really know which moving company is the best to use for their needs. As a fellow consumer, it’s your obligation to help out your fellow consumer (well… ok, so maybe you’re not OBLIGATED, but it’d still be very nice and helpful of you).

Another reason for why you should write moving company reviews, is to help out a moving company that you really enjoyed their service. Like all businesses, moving companies want to get as many customers as they can to skyrocket their income. Word of mouth is the best and most effective form of advertisement there is. Obviously, not everyone who is considering using that company knows you personally to get word of mouth from you… unless you write a review! A glowing review of the company could be just what brings in more business for moving company. The inverse is also true. If you had a horrendous experience with the moving company, tell people about it! When people see the negative review, they’ll think twice about using the company that was so nonchalant to you about cracking your vanity mirror. Helping or hindering a moving company is a big reason why you should write moving company reviews.

Why else should you write moving company reviews? There might be a discount, money, or other incentives in it for you to do so. As was previously mentioned, moving companies need a lot of positive word of mouth to bring in more customers. Knowing that many people will be looking their company up online, and a great review will push them over the edge to hire that company, the moving companies will do whatever it takes to get that glowing review. Even if that means cutting you a discount for writing good words about them, or even paying you a portion of sales for advertising their business for them! Affiliate programs where you earn a profit from advertising a product or business are everywhere, and some moving companies may be using that method as a part of their advertising budget. Look into it and find out if you can get any benefits from writing a moving company review.

These are all reasons why you should write moving company reviews. Let people know which companies they should and shouldn’t use based on your own personal experience. There might just even be a little extra incentive in it for you!

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